Monster Truck Pinata For Free

You read correctly.
You can get a Free Monster Truck Pinata.

Here Is a Picture of The Free Monster Truck Pinata

If you click on this Monster Jam Pinata look under the picture for a link that says

"Browse for more products in the same category as this item: Kids Party Supply > Monster Jam Party Supplies".

It is under the picture of the Truck , under the line that reads Description and Instructions.

Monster Jam Birthday In a Box

There of course is a must buy a Monster Jam Premium Party In a Box. But it's not a bad deal at all considering in the Monster Jam Premium Party In a Box you get:

  • < 1 of Monster Jam 9oz. Cups (8) ($3.49 value!)
  • 1 of Monster Jam Tablecover ($5.79 value!)
  • 2 of Monster Jam Tattoos (4 sheets) ($4.58 value!)
  • 1 of Monster Jam Invitations/Thank You Notes (16) ($3.89 value!)
  • 1 of Monster Truck Viper Pinata ($14.99 value!)
  • 1 of Yellow Cutlery (24) ($2.19 value!)
  • 2 of Blindfolds ($1.78 value!)
  • 1 of Buster Bat ($2.99 value!)
  • 1 of Spiral Glitter Candles (20) ($0.99 value!)
  • 1 of Black Crepe Streamer ($1.20 value!)
  • 1 of Hot Yellow Crepe Streamer ($1.20 value!) 1 of Red Crepe Streamer ($1.20 value!)
  • 1 of Black 75' Curling Ribbon Egg ($0.69 value!)
  • 1 of Lemon Yellow 75' Curling Ribbon Egg ($0.69 value!)
  • 1 of 2lb Pinata Filler ($8.99 value!)
  • 10 of Black 9" Balloon ($1.00 value!)
  • 10 of Yellow 9" Balloon ($1.00 value!)
  • 1 of Monster Jam 7" Dessert Plates (8) ($3.49 value!)
  • 1 of Monster Jam Beverage Napkins (16) ($3.49 value!)

The total price for you is 48.65 for all of these party supplies and the price of a Monster Truck Pinata is 14.99 so this party package is truly a good deal. You will save a lot of money if this is the party theme your child wants.

Monster Truck Monster Jam Party Supplies

Get all the Monster Truck Party Supplies you need plus a free Monster Jam Pinata. You get a lot of party supplies with this package! Even some Monster Jam temporary love these temporary tattoos. They are so Cool to put on at a party!

Looks like you are pretty set with this Monster Jam Party Birthday In a even get the party game free...your own Monster Jam Viper Pinata. Very Cool and you have saved yourself some big bucks by buying this bulk pack!

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