Monster Truck Party Favors

Monster Truck Party Favors, Fun Kids Party Games And Monster Jam Party Supplies Will Help You Throw A Great Kids Birthday Party.

Here is a Monster Truck party favor box that comes with these fun Monster Truck favors:
  • Monster Jam sticker sheet
  • Plastic whistle
  • Pop RocksĀ®
  • Monster Jam tattoo
  • Green goo
  • A bounce ball

Monster Jam Party Favor Box

You can find lots other party favors with a Monster Truck theme and they are sold in packs of 8...just the right amount for a kid's party. Check out these cool party favor ideas with Monster Jam theme:
  • Gooey Goo
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Monster Jam Tattoos
  • Flying Discs
  • Party Blow Outs
  • Flip Watch
  • Trucker Hats
  • Big Truck Tires Cup
Take a look at them, I've posted some of the pictures below.

Monster Jam Goo (8)

Monster Jam Tattoos (8)

Monster Jam Tire Cups (8)

There's lots more where they came from and all you have to do is click on the pictures to find all the Monster Truck party favors and party supplies you will need to host a great birthday party for your child.

Plan lots of games that have a Monster Truck theme. The kids will have a great time and they will love the fact that the games match the party theme. It's easy to find classic party games and change them up a bit to make them match your theme.

Monster Jam Party Game # 1

An example of that would be the old stand by, Pin The Tail On The Donkey. With A Monster Jam Theme that game can become Pin The Tire On The Truck! Hang a Monster Truck poster and make your own tires using black construction paper, scissors and double sided tape.

Monster Jam Party Game #2

The Pinata is always a popular kids party game. With this Monster Truck pinata you need to fill it with goodies, hang it high, clear a safety swing zone (or buy a pull string conversion kit) and blind fold each child as they try to break open the Truck Pinata.

Monster Jam Party Game #3

How About A Monster Jam Relay Race? Set up a start line and a middle point with a tire challenge in the middle. Form two party teams and tell them the goal of each team. Each player must run to the mid point, complete the tire challenge by running through the tires (one foot must enter the middle of each tire) and then run back to the start line tagging the next team mate. When all the kids on one team have completed the challenge and are back in line, that team is the winner. And here are the perfect accessories for this game...the Tires

Now you've got some great party game ideas and party favors that will make great party game prizes. So have fun and enjoy the party you have worked so hard to plan and set up. Remember to take lots of pictures!

Get some printable party games with a Monster Jam Theme.

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