Monster High Lagoona Blue Costume Ideas For Girls

Get Monster High Lagoona Blue Costume Ideas For Halloween This Year. Lagoona is a student at Monster High. She goes to school with Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, Draculaura, Gil and Deuce Gorgon...along with a large group of other monsters and humans. Check out these fun girls costumes for Halloween dress up fun.

Lagoona and her ghoul friends make fun girl Halloween costume ideas. You can try to make them yourself with clothes you have at home and there are some really cute wigs on sale for each character to achieve that dramatic and unique hair coloring they have. Get some light blue costume facial make up too.

You can also buy these popular girls costumes at one of my favorite online Halloween costume stores. Take a look at the costume pictures to see what you will need to assemble your own Monster High Lagoona Blue look or click on the links to find the perfect Lagoona Blue costume to buy! It has a jacket with an attached shirt, a skirt with attached shorts and the leggings with attached fins.

Monster High - Lagoona Blue Child Costume - MediumMonster High - Lagoona Blue Wig (Child)

Monster High - Lagoona Blue Child Costume

Fun Facts About Lagoona Blue

Here are some fun facts about Lagoona Blue...find out why this Monster High Lagoona Blue Costume might be for you with these interesting trivia facts about this spunky, athletic water fanatic.

  • Lagoona is a transfer student from Down Under...Down Under The Sea!
  • Her father is the Sea Monster and her mother is an ocean nymph
  • She is Captain of the swim team at Monster High
  • Lagoona has a pet piranha named Neptuna, and her purse is's actually a fish bowl she carries Neptuna around in
  • Her skin is pale blue and she has freckles
  • The green and blue streaks in her hair are from the chlorine in the school pool...her natural hair color is blonde
  • If she's out of water too long her skin dries out, so she keeps a stock of lotions in her high school locker
  • Her biggest pet peeve is anyone who throws trash in the ocean
  • She has a crush on Gil, but his parents warned him against her because she's from the ocean and he's from freshwater
  • Her favorite food is sushi
  • Her favorite school subject is oceanography
  • Her least favorite school subject is geology
  • Her favorite color is ocean-blue
  • She's a big supporter of human-monster equality
  • She is a relaxed and friendly ghoul. Tomboyish with a comfortable, laid-back style
  • Lagoona has webbed fingers and fins on her legs

Monster High Costumes

Frankie Stein Costume

Clawdeen Wolf Costume

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