Monster High Frankie Stein Costume Ideas

Find Fun Monster High Frankie Stein Costume Ideas For Ghoulish and Fashionable Dress Up Fun. Frankie and her friends, Clawdeen, Lagoona Blue, Cleo de Nile and Draculaura, are just some of the fun girls costumes you will find this Halloween season.

Does your daughter what a Monster High Frankie Stein costume? Who is Frankie Stein and what is Monster High? Are those questions going through your mind? Well, that's an easy question to answer...Monster High is the place where "Freaky Just Got Fabulous", according to Monster High Wikia. It's where the children of monsters go to school.

Frankie Stein Monster High Costume for Girls

Frankie Stein Monster High Costume for Girls

Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of the Wolfman. Cleo de Nile is the daughter of the Mummy. Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the Sea Monster. Draculaura is the daughter of the famous vampire, Count Dracula. These young monsters and ghouls need an education just like everyone else...and they are going to get it at Monster High!

Click on the links and pictures to find fun girls costumes, wigs and costume accessories for Halloween. Trick or Treat and costume contests are what this fun dress up holiday is all get out all those Halloween snack recipes and decorations! It's time to get ready to check out everyone's costume on this once a year October holiday.

Meet Frankie Stein From Monster High

Get some Monster High Frankie Stein costume ideas right remember that Frankie's hair is two tone and her skin is green right? After you check out the wig and costume look for some costume makeup to give your skin a light green tint.

Monster High Frankie Stein Wig Child

Monster High Frankie Stein Wig Child

Find out more about Frankie Stein with these fun facts about this ghoulish teen from Monster High.

Frankie Stein:
  • Was fifteen days old when she first went to school
  • Frankie is the daughter of the famous Dr. Frankenstein's Monster and his bride
  • She has a very cute animal pet named Watzit
  • Watzit is no ordinary animal, he is a cross between dragon, fish, dog, cat, and who know what other animals
  • Frankie tends to be very clumsy; her body parts fly off all the time
  • Frankie has a condition called heterochromia. She has one green eye and one blue eye
  • Frankie resides with both of her parents in a house that looks like something between a castle and science lab
  • Her dad is a scientist
  • Frankie likes a guy...she is crushing over a 16 year old monster named Deuce Gorgon (the son of Medusa)
  • Frankie has stitches holding many of her body parts in place
  • When Frankie gets excited she sparks at the bolts in her neck
  • Frankie likes to play with Watzit in the park
  • Frankie's dad, Frankenstein's monster made Watzit
  • Just like any other teenage girl or ghoul, Frankie tends to daydream in class
  • Frankie always tries to do the right thing
  • Frankie Stein has light green skin
  • Frankie's hair is black and white, just like her mom's, the Bride of Frankenstein.

Halloween Costumes For Girls

Find Monster High Frankie Stein costume ideas the other ghouls from Monster High! If you like Frankie's Monster High friends, here are some fun costume ideas you will like!

Draculaura Monster High Costume for Girls

Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume for Girls

Lagoona Blue Monster High Costume for Girls

Cleo de Nile From Monster High

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