Monkey Party Theme

Having A Monkey Party Theme? Look At The Fun Monkey Party Supplies You Can Get To Amaze Your Party Guests!

Whether your party ideas are for a first, toddler or kids party you will find just the right party plates, cups and favors you need to host a fun monkey birthday party.

To look at some fun Monkey party supplies, just click on any of the pictures on this page.

The Curious George theme is pretty popular with kids today, but so is "Mod Monkey"! If you use this as your party theme, you can "monkey around" with your guests! Have everyone give their imitation of what a monkey does...or says. The one with the best "Chimp Voice" wins a prize! How about a rousing fun game...Monkey See, Monkey Do! It's a fun take off on the classic party game, Simon Says. Get some "Barrel of Monkey" games to give out as prizes at your party.

Of course you are going to need some party decorations...and you will find everything you need right here. Take a look at one of our online party supply catalogs for the "Monkey" party supplies you will need.

Some monkey party supplies are just for a 1st birthday party. Is your toddler turning 2? You are in luck because Mod Monkey also has accessories just for a 2nd birthday party too. There is also a set that doesn't have any age on it, so it will work for everyone.

Need a party game idea? How about a Monkey Pinata? I know...that's really monkeying around! All you have to do with a pinata is fill it with candy or goodies. Kids love treats and a pinata is one of the fun ways to give them to your party guests. Want your pinata to be SAFE? Buy a pull string conversion kit is you are looking at a pinata that isn't a pull string model. Safety should always come first. The good news is...this monkey pinata is a pull string version!

You can also find some really fun Cupcake decorating ideas at Monkey Cupcakes. With simple decorating ideas using vanilla wafers for ears, you can make the cutest cupcakes for your kids birthday party!

A Monkey party theme is a fun way to celebrate your child's birthday!

Need more party ideas? Visit Birthday Party Ideas For Kids.

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