Monkey Cupcakes

You can make Monkey Cupcakes that look and taste great! Here are some easy cupcake decorating ideas for you to look over. Don't be intimidated when you begin to design your cupcakes. You can do this, it's simple and it's fun. So get the kids, get all your ingredients and cake designing tools together and have some fun!

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Just bake and frost your cupcakes as usual. Decide what color frosting you want to use...they are your monkeys, so they can be any color you like.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Necco Wafer Candy or Mini Vanilla Wafers
  • M&M's

The Necco Wafer candies will be the monkeys ears. Half a vanilla wafer will go on the bottom half of your cupcakes the muzzle. On the vanilla wafer draw two black dots for a nose and a red line for a mouth. Use two M&M's for eyes...and you've got a very easy to make Monkey cupcake! Told you it was are some extra suggestions and steps:
  • 1. Use light brown to medium brown frosting for the top half of your cupcake.
  • 2. Place the 1/2 of vanilla wafer on the bottom half of your cupcake.
  • 3. Draw your nose and mouth. You can use tubes of colored gel if you like.
  • 4. Then put the M&M's on the top half of the cupcake.
Now you can serve your little monkeys!

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