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Get The Fun Monkey Baby Shower Theme Ideas and Cute Baby Shower Supplies You Need. This Monkey theme is so cute and it comes in blue for a boy, pink for a girl and a neutral color too. It's got everything you need for your party!

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Baby Shower Invitations With A Monkey Theme

Pick your shower theme and send out the invitations. If you like this Monkey shower theme pattern you are going to love the invites! You can personalize up to 14 lines...take a look. You can see them by clicking on the picture of the fill in invitations.

There are also the fill in style shower invitations. These are cute and quick and easy take a look and pick the ones that are best for your party ideas.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Monkey Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Look how cute this Monkey Baby Shower Diaper Cake is. This is a two layer cake and it also comes in three if you like this are really going to like that one!

A diaper cake is made with disposible diapers and I can't think of anything, other than formula, that a new mom will need more than diapers...can you?

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable baby shower games are a great way to start the shower off with some easy and fun ideas. Games...printed or not...can be an easy ice breaker.

Games are a big party of these Monkey Baby Shower Theme Ideas, in fact, shower games are a big part of any baby or wedding shower!

Baby Shower Sketch-A-Guest

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey

The Deluxe Baby Party Games Collection

Find games like Mad Libs Nursery Rhymes, Baby Shower Bingo, The Right Left Baby Game, Name That Nursery Rhyme, Pictionary and many, many more! In fact there's a bundle of these printable baby shower games with 75 different games to pick from and it's cheap! Click on the pictures to see more fun game ideas.

Creative Baby Shower Games

Looking for more fun, creative baby shower games? Well, we have them for you...lots of fun ideas! Look at games like "Bottles Up!" A fun drinking game for a baby shower...

Then there is a scratch off game called "Who Smells Stinky Doo"

Then there is the "Dirty Diaper Game"...take a look at how funny this one's one of my favorites.

Click on any picture to find more fun and creative baby shower games.

Baby Shower Candy Wrappers and Cupcake Decorations

Wrap small or regular sized candy in these candy bar wrappers. Then put your cupcakes in these cute Monkey cupcake wrappers...they will look so cute on your party tables along with all the other fun Monkey baby shower decorations!

You can use the personalized candy wrappers - the mini ones or the regular sized ones - add some candy bars and there's your party favors. It's an inexpensive way to say thank you to your guests or you can just add them to the tables for your guests to snack on during the shower!

Monkey Baby Shower Decorations

You can always use balloons to decorate at a baby shower. Get some latex balloons in colors that match your shower theme, tie them to some curling ribbon and they will look great...and then there is this mylar balloon of a little monkey that will be perfect with the others.

Balloons can also be used to make table centerpieces. I usually wrap some candy in colored foil paper and tie two or three latex balloons up in a staggered look. Or you can get one of these Monkey centerpieces.

Click on the picture to find the matching personalized party banner in this fun Monkey theme pattern.

The best thing about Monkey Baby Shower Theme Ideas is you don't have to over do the decorations and accessories you buy because the party supplies are so colorful and cute!

Monkey Baby Shower Theme Ideas In Pink For Girls

Look...there are Pink Monkey baby shower theme ideas for a baby girl shower! It's pretty, pink and full of the same fun as these boy Monkey baby shower supplies.

Monkey Girl - Dessert Plates - 8 Qty/Pack - Birthday Party Supplies

Other fun baby shower theme ideas are:

Butterfly Baby Shower

Giraffe Baby Shower

Jungle Safari Baby Shower

Zebra Baby Shower

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