Mod Monkey Party Theme

A Mod Monkey party theme is a fun theme for a kids birthday party. You can find monkey party supplies that say first or second birthday and you can also find supplies that are perfect for any age. Just take a look at the fun Mod Monkey party supplies you can use to decorate!

What better theme for your little monkey? You can find easy kids craft ideas to entertain your guests. Make a monkey out of a paper plate. You will have to do a little prep work by cutting out ears, noses and tails, but paper plate crafts are cheap and more important, they are fun and easy!

Find some fun party favors to hand out to your guests. Party favors for kids can be stickers, temporary tattoos or you can find a party favor kit filled with goodies like:

  • An Activity Book
  • A Mod Monkey Blowout
  • A Mod Monkey sticker
  • A 5" Plush Monkey
  • A Box of 4 Crayons
All these fun party favors come with a easy to assemble box with a monkey's face on it. To find out more about this kids party favor box, just click on the picture.

You can find free coloring pages to print out so your guests can color. Young kids love to color. Find some monkey pictures you can print out and put some crayons those kids color some amazing pictures!

You can make some Monkey Cupcakes instead of a birthday cake. You can also find an edible cake topper with a picture of a monkey on it to decorate your homemade birthday cake. There are also plastic cake topper kits you can buy to decorate a cake. Just put the pieces on top of your frosted cake and you are done. Cake decorating is very easy, so give it a try!

Another tasty and easy party dessert is an old fashioned dessert and you can find out how to make it by reading our Monkey Bread Recipe. You simply get some:

  • refrigerated biscuits
  • butter or margarine
  • sugar or brown sugar
  • cinnamon
Break the biscuits into smaller pieces, about two inches should do it. Using a layer method put all the ingredients into a cake pan, a lasagna pan or even a bundt cake, as they are listed. In other words, biscuits, butter, sugar and cinnamon. Press them down gently, don't smash them together. Bake for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Remove them from the oven and eat them while they are warm.

You can also let your guests make their own "Monkey Sundae". Give everyone a bowl filled with ice cream and put out whipped cream, jimmies, sauces, cherries and bananas that have been sliced. Let each child design their own sundae. What little monkey won't love this idea?

Game ideas for a Mod Monkey party include:

  • Mod Monkey pull string Pinata
  • Pin the Tail on the Monkey...does that sound familiar?
  • Barrel of Monkeys
  • Monkey in the Middle...for indoors use a soft ball like Nerf
  • Monkey Says...a take off on Simon Says
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • Walk like a Monkey...let each child parade around walking like a monkey.

You can find some really great kids craft activity kits at The Oriental Trading Company. Take a look at some of these great craft kits.

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