Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

Here are some Mickey Mouse Party Ideas for you to think about. Few cartoon characters have captured the hearts of children for decades the way that Disney’s Mickey Mouse has.

It should come as no surprise then that some kids are still fascinated by this happy little mouse, and that their heart’s desire is nothing more than a Mickey Mouse birthday party.

If you’re wondering just how to pull it off, here are a few theme suggestions to get you started:

  • 1. Mickey Mouse Club
  • 2. Mickey Mouse & Friends
  • 3. Minnie Mouse

Using Mickey Mouse party ideas as a party theme allows you to incorporate different Disney character friends as a party of your party decorations. Minnie Mouse, Goody, Donald and Daisy Duck are just a few of the great Disney friends at your disposal. Minnie Mouse party ideas are very popular too!

Free Party Invitation Ideas

You can find Mickey Mouse clipart online and use it to decorate party invitations. You and your kids can make the invites together and decide which clipart you like the best.

Use pictures of Minnie, Mickey and Goofy to decorate.

Free Printable Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

You can find free printable Mickey Mouse coloring pictures online to use as a party game ideas or you can use them to decorate. Your child is sure to be thrilled with any Mickey Mouse party idea, as would a lot of the big kids I know.

It's just a timeless theme. Once decoration ideas are out of the way, here are some activities and other ideas to keep the party going:

  • Play Mickey Mouse cartoons or episodes of the Mouseketeers in one room all day long.

  • Give each guest Mickey Mouse ears or a small gift from the Disney store (like a Mickey Mouse pen or pencil).

  • Have the children personalize their ears. All it takes to personalize your very own Mickey Mouse ears is some glue and some glitter! You can have them or make their own Mickey Mouse ears using construction paper and foam craft letters.

  • Hire a costumed Mickey Mouse impersonator or have Dad or a High School student dress up in a rented costume so you take photos with all of the children.

  • Your child’s special Mickey Mouse birthday is sure to be a cherished memory for years to come. Remember this idea works well for the big Mouseketeers in your life too.

    If your looking for Mickey Mouse birthday supplies you can find them right here.

    Get Edible Mickey Mouse Cake Toppers to Decorate your Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

    You can bake your own birthday cake and use an edible cake topper to decorate it. You can make it yourself, and it's much a much cheaper way to serve a decorated cake than buying one at the bakery. You will also enjoy the feeling you get when you see this beautiful cake and know that you made it!

    Serve your special Mickey Mouse cake on matching Mickey party plates and napkins. (Of course you can buy a professionally designed cake from a bakery) It really is easy to make your Mickey Mouse cake and add edible cake toppers to it. You can get edible cupcake toppers too!

    It's EASY to decorate your own cake! Honest, it's really not as hard as it sounds. There are special cake kits you can buy to help you decorate the top of the cake. All you really have to do it bake the cake and put the cake topper on! Here are some Mickey Mouse cupcake and cake toppers you can look at:

    Disney Party Supplies

    Free Printable Coloring Pages of Mickey Mouse

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    Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

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