Michael Jackson Homemade Costumes

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey USA)

Make your own Michael Jackson Homemade Costumes for Halloween this year. The King of Pop is a very popular costume and you can buy one online at most costume sellers. You can also make your own if you like. There are accessories you can purchase to complete your homemade costume. It's all up to you and what you want your make it yourself costume to look like.

Take a look at CostumeExpress.com for ideas, accessories or costumes...you can also find lots of party supplies and Halloween props like fog machines, inflatable decorations, scary stuff...anything for Halloween.

Now here is how to make a Michael Jackson Halloween costume for this October 31st.

The Materials Needed are:

  • Gold and silver dust

  • Silver, gold and black sequins

  • White hand gloves

  • Black slacks, make sure they’re a bit short, just reaching your shin

  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Black blazer, or long sleeved polo

  • Shoulder pads

  • Black hat

  • Black shoes

  • White socks

  • Two inch (width) white satin ribbon, two different lengths for each pant leg

Here is how to assemble the costume:
1. Billy Jean’s outfit is ready with the materials above. 2. Start off with the blazer or polo. If you could remove the collar, that would be better. Michael Jackson’s blazer does not have any collar.
3. Sew or use glue gun to stick the black sequins all over the blazer or polo.
4. Use the silver and gold sequins on the collar of the blazer or polo,
the front where the buttons should be, all the way to the bottom, and on both cuff areas.
5. Set aside to dry (if you’re using the glue gun).
6. Sew or use glue gun to attach the silver and gold sequins on the white hand gloves. You can attach the silver and gold sequins, around three to five each for each finger.
7. Add more sequins on the front area (palm area) and on the back area (of the gloves).
8. Lastly, sprinkle glitters or gold dust around the rim of the hat, use the glue for the dust to stick.
9. Attach the white satin ribbon on the side of each pant leg, using glue or by sewing it in place.
10. Wear the costume, and make sure that the pant legs should not touch the rim of your shoes. They should be an inch above, so fold the pant leg in, twice, depending, and seal (by sewing or gluing).
11. Shoulder pads under the blazer or polo for a ‘higher’ shoulder effect.

There is how to make a Michael Jackson costume yourself. Add your own ideas to ours to create a special and unique homemade costume you can be proud of. Remember the accessories, so check our online partner, CostumeExpress.com, to see what else you need. If you can make it yourself, do it. If not, just buy it from Celebrate Express and your homemade costume for Halloween will be ready to wear.

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