Metal Jingle Bell And Wooden Reindeer Ornament Craft Kit

by Jillian

With this Metal Jingle Bell And Wooden Reindeer Ornament Craft Kit you will have enough craft supplies to make a total of 12 Reindeer ornaments.

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Use this fun and simple craft kit to entertain your kids on a cold and snowy day, or use it as a fun party activity at your kids holiday party. Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops can make these ornaments as a troop project, or you can hand these out at your party as a kids party favor. Stocking stuffer time is just around the corner, you can put these reindeer ornament kits in your kids stockings.

Did I mention these Reindeer have a red nose...who do you think they are supposed to be? Rudolph is my guess...Santa's favorite!

I am sure you can think of many other ways to use these metal jingle bell and wooden reindeer ornament craft kits...why not get in the holiday spirit and share some of those fun ideas with the rest of us!

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