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Medusa from Greek Mythology is one of the Gorgon Sisters. She was once a beautiful woman who lived so far north there was no sun. She asked permission of the Goddess Athena to see the sun. Athena denied her request and Medusa accised Athea of being jealous of her, it is never a good idea to anger one of the Gods...her punishment was harsh...Athena turned her hair into snakes and cursed her so she would be so ugly that anyone who look into her eyes would be turned to that's your Halloween costume choice...Huh? LOL, it's a good one. Not everyone can carry a look that involves snakes as hair.

Medusa the Mythical Siren Adult Costume

Medusa the Mythical Siren Adult Costume

You are going to turn a lot of heads in this pretty costume. I guess that means that a lot of people will be turned into stone and you walk around your costume party dressed to kill in this Medusa costume! The dress up set comes with the dress and the snake hairband.

There are a couple other costumes of Medusa, so before you pick that first one you might want to take a look at these other designs.

Medusa Snaked Again Adult's a red costume.

Mythical Medusa Adult's a green costume.

Here is another really nice Medusa Costume...I guess it's easy to tell which are my's a beautiful dress and a really nice snake headband!

Mythical Medusa Elite Collection Adult Costume

Mythical Medusa Elite Collection Adult Costume

Or the Medusa Plus Adult Costume that comes with a crushed velvet dress, arm bands, a veil and headpiece. It is one more attractive Medusa costumes for women to choose from.

Medusa Costume Accessories

There are some great accessories you can find to go with this beautful womans Halloween costume. First for the man in your life, how about a Zeus Adult Costume

Zeus Adult Costume

And now for some Medusa Costume Add-ons you might like!

Sexy Gold Adult Shoes

Sexy Gold Adult Shoes

Snake Asp Armband

Grecian Necklace

Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Gold Roll On Glitter

You can find more fun dress up womens costumes with similar themes to these Medusa costume ideas.

Medusa Costume

Greek Toga Costumes

Egyptian Princess Costume at

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