Free Printable Medieval Coloring Pages

Medieval coloring pages are suprisingly popular today. There are so many different subjects involved in medieval times. Castles, dragons, knights in armor are only a few of the pictures you will find here to color.

You will also find some interestingly decorated letters here.

Use these free printable pages as a party activity idea for your Medieval Times party ideas. This is a fun party theme for kids. In Olden Days you ate with your hands! No forks or spoons! Chicken legs or wings would be the perfect party menu idea. Call juice "grog" and give everyone a crown as a party favor.

Bake a cake and use ice cream cones to decorate it like a castle. Frost the cones and put them on top of your frosted cake. Decorate with gum drops and other candies. If you prefer a cake pan shaped like a castle you can find one online or at your neighborhood party store.

If your looking for a castle cake pan or castle decorations for a cake look at The Party Works. They have a great selection of cake decorating accessories and party supplies.

Castle Cake Pan

Lots of Medieval Coloring Pages

You can find some pictures of Castles for your coloring pleasure. I like to color these in with pencils, but crayons work just as well.

Here are some really great castles to print out and color.

No Medieval Court is complete without a King, a Queen or a Jester! You can find them right here.

Get more free printables here.

Medieval Coloring Pages are great for teaching children a little bit of history. The days of olde are filled with exciting facts and stories you might want to share with your school aged artists. It can be entertaining and educational to use these pages when your kid's are studying this era in history class.

Looking for Dragon Pictures?

This group of coloring pictures contains a knight in armor, a castle, swords crossed, a king and a jester.

One more group of Coloring Pages

Here is a castle word find puzzle. You can use it at your party as a fun party activity, on a rainy day at home with your kids, or if your a class mother bring it into school for the kids.

Printable Castle Wordfind Puzzle

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