Maya The Bee Coloring Pages

Get some free Printable Maya the Bee Coloring Pages...but first learn about who she is!

Maya is a curious young bee who is trained as a worker bee. Maya leaves the hive to explore the world outside. Leaving the hive, in the bee world is punished by exile. During her adventures in the outside world she is captured by hornets. Every bee knows that hornets are the bee's fiercest and most dangerous enemy. Maya escapes the hornets after learning of a plot to distroy the hive. Even though she faces severe punishment because she is exiled, Maya returns to the hive to warn the bees and save them from the hornets. But when she returns, the bees don't punish her. They reward her and of course the hive remains safe to this day!

Maya's insect friends are:

  • Willi is a drone and Maya's best friend
  • Flip is a Grasshopper
  • Kurt is a Dungbeetle
  • Puck is a Fly
  • Kassandra is a teacher at the bee school
  • Thekla is a cross spider
  • Maya has been shown in many countries around the world. In these countries she has many different names. She has been called:
    • Abeja Maya in Spanish
    • Abelha Maia in Portuguese
    • Adventures of Maya the Honeybee
    • Die Biene Maja in German
    • L'abella Maia or L'Apemaia in Italian
    • Las Aventuras de la Abeja Maya in Spanish
    • Maija Mehiläinen or Maja de Bij in Dutch
    • Maya l'abeille in French
    • Maya the Honey Bee
    • Mitsubachi Maaya no Boken in Japanese
    • Vèelka Mája in Czechoslovakia
    • Pszczó³ka Maja in Polish
  • How many bees do you know that have their own cartoon adventure series, anime series and video games named after them? Just one I'll bet and that's Maya. You can find some wonderful, free Maya the bee coloring pages here. You can print them out and have lots of fun coloring them in. Enjoy the adventures of Maya the bee and all her friends.

    Free Maya the Bee Coloring Pages

    More Maya the Bee Pictures to Color

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