Marvel Comics Superheros

The Thing

Marvel Comics Superheros have their own party supply pattern. What a great theme for a kids birthday party, after all, who doesn't love the Marvel Superhero Squad? Find out about each of these Marvel characters:

And take a look at the birthday party supplies you can find with this popular kids party theme.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Add-On

Marvel Super Hero Squad Party Favor Box

Marvel Super Hero Squad Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Marvel Comics Superhero - The Thing

Who or What is Marvel Comics The Thing?

Ben Grimm is The Thing, better known as the big orange rocky guy from Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four. But he wasn't always that way. Ben was a poor kid who lived on the lower east side of New York and he had a tough life. When he was in high school he became interested in football and excelled in the sport. He was so good, in fact, that he got a full scholarship to Empire State U.

It's in college that Ben meets a guy named Reed Richards...Reed will become Ben's best friend...Reed becomes a life long friend of Ben's. These best friends have big plans for the future and one of Reeds is to build a rocket ship...Ben promises to fly the rocket! Ben graduates from the University with a degree in engineering and joins the Marines and Reed goes off to pursuit his scientific interests.

Years later they meet again and Reed reminds Ben of his promise...Reed built his rocket ship and now Ben agrees to fly it. During this mission in space with his friends Reed Richards, Susan Storm and Johnny Storm, Ben's ship passes through a terrible cosmic storm subjecting them all to radiation and cosmic rays.

Marvel Comics Superheros

When they arrive back on earth they all begin to notice changes in their physical forms. Ben gains super human strength and his skin becomes covered in impenatrable rock. This makes Ben think he is a freak, until he meets and falls in love with a blind woman, Alicia, who cares not of his looks. This helps Ben realize he is still the same person, even under all that orange rock. Ben has quite a sense of humor and his call to battle is " "It's clobberin' time!"

Reed becomes able to stretch his body...and he can stretch into any shape he wants. He adopts the name Mr. Fantastic. Susan Storm now has the ability to become invisible and is called Invisible Girl...and later Invisible Woman. Sue's brother, Johnny, developes super powers too...he has become a human torch...he has the ability to turn into flames, to fly and to harness and absorb fire. You will hear him say, "Flame On."

Together these Marvel Superheros call themselves the Fantastic Four, and with his friends The Thing battles super villains like Dr. Doom and even heroes like The Incredible Hulk, to ensure the safety of all humanity.

Make A Marvel Superhero Birthday Cake

You can make a Marvel Superhero Birthday Cake with this cake topper kit. It has Marvel Ironman and The Incredible Hulk on it with two plastic signs that read Marvel Superhero Squad and Protect Our City. Create a cake for your kids birthday party with some Marvel Comics Superheros on top of it...and these characters are also water squirters! It is easy to decorate a kids birthday cake with tools like this!

Marvel Super Hero Squad Cake Topper

Iron Man 2 Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (8)

Iron Man 2 Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (1)

More Superhero Party Games and Ideas

Get more fun kids birthday ideas at Marvel Superhero Party Supplies and Super Party Ideas. Then get the fun kids party games you need to make your party Super at Marvel Superhero Party Games. A kids birthday is all about fun and that's why you need several fun games...we've listed some games that were created based on traits from your favorite Marvel Comics Superheros!

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