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Captain America

Marvel Comics Superheros party supplies and party ideas are perfect for your next kids birthday celebration. Take a look at the decorations, the Super cake ideas and the fun Superhero Party Games we have for you...but first let's check out the Superheros, the Marvel characters, on the party supplies:

Marvel Super Hero Squad Add-On

Marvel Super Hero Squad Party Favor Box

Marvel Super Hero Squad Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

All About Captain America

All about Captain America - The Patriot Superhero

Born in New York City, frail Steven Rogers became Captain America when he participated in an experiment aimed at enhancing U.S. soldiers to the height of physical perfection. Though he only briefly reached superhuman capabilities, he became the maximum of human efficiency with the abilities of:

  • Agility, strength, speed, endurance and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete
  • High intelligence
  • The ability to eliminate fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles
  • Incredible endurance

With a costume emblazoned with an American flag theme, he also carries an indestructible, Vibranium shield given to him by President Franklin Roosevelt. Along with a variety of partners, most notably Bucky Barnes, he has faced many noteworthy opponents including:
  • Hate-Monger – a clone of Adolf Hitler
  • Yellow Claw – criminal mastermind of Communist China
  • The Watchdogs – a terrorist group against controversial subjects in American culture
  • Hydra - a terrorist organization seeking world domination
  • Baron Zemo – an elite Nazi scientist
  • And his arch enemy, Red Skull

Marvel Super Hero Squad Yo Yos (4)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Disc Launchers (4)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Stickers (4)

Captain America, known also as the "Sentinel of Liberty", once fell deeply in love with agent Sharon Carter, but they never married. He became the first recruit of the Avengers and was also affiliated with:
  • The Secret Avengers
  • The Invaders
  • The Redeemers
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.

Superhero Cake Topper

We have some Marvel Comics Superheros, party decorations, party supplies and some fun facts about the Marvel comic characters. Now all we need is a birthday cake decorating idea and you have a party was easy wasn't it? Party planning is easy when you find a great theme, fun games and decorations all in one here's a cake topper kit with the Marvel Superheros on it...Hulk and Iron a plastic Marvel Superhero Squad plaque...and all you have to do is bake your cake, frost it and put this cake decoration on it. That was easy enough, wasn't it?

Marvel Super Hero Squad Cake Topper

Iron Man 2 Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (8)

Iron Man 2 Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (1)

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