Marvel Comics Superheros

The Silver Surfer

Find Marvel Comics Superheros party ideas and supplies for your next kids birthday party. The Marvel Superhero Squad has it's own party supply pattern...all the kids are going to want this fun theme for their birthday celebration! Find out about each of these Marvel Comics Superheros characters:

Marvel Super Hero Squad Add-On

Marvel Super Hero Squad Party Favor Box

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Every boy I know is going to want the Marvel Comics Superheros party supplies and theme for his birthday party this year. It's loaded with Super FUN!

The Silver Surfer

One of the Marvel Comics Characters is the Silver Surfer. Let's find out about his background.

The Silver Surfer: astronomer, hero, villain, and savior of the entire the world. He led an action packed life full of twists and turns, making difficult moral decisions that would decide the outcome of countless worlds.

The Silver Surfer comes from a planet called Zenn-La. He was an astronomer on his home planet and his name was Norrid Radd. In order to save his home planet from distruction Norrid made a baragin with the god-like Galactus. Galactus had come to distroy Norrid's homeworld. Norrid agreed to become a herald of sorts, leading Galactus to new worlds in exchange for sparing his own. Galactus agreed and gave him a small amount of the Power Cosmic, an immense type of energy that gave him astonishing powers. Galactus also created a silver surfboard style vehicle for Norrid to travel in...and that's how he got his name.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 61" x18"

Marvel Super Hero Squad Assorted Masks (8)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Tattoos (8)

  • Jartan Radd, his father
  • Elmar Radd, his mother
  • Fennan Radd, his half-brother
  • Shalla-Bal, his girl friend

Mode of Transportation: A powerful surfboard (his namesake) which can move beyond the speed of light. It is mentally linked the surfer and contains Power Cosmic as well.

  • The Power Cosmic which allows him to survive in all known environments
  • he can manipulate all physical objects
  • he can heal living organisms
  • he can shoot out bolts of pure energy to huge levels
  • he can change his own size and density
  • he has occasionally been known to engage in forms of mind and thought control to influence human's emotions
  • he needs no food, sleep, water or air

Find fun Marvel Superhero Squad Party Games to play at your kids birthday party.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Cake Topper Kit

Marvel Superhero Party Ideas call for some Super Cake Decorating take a look at this easy to use cake topper kit. It has Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk on it along with a Marvel Superhero Squad plastic plaque and a sign that reads "Protecting Our City". Simply bake the cake shape of your choice, frost it using some Super colors and then place this cake topper kit right on top...that's it...add birthday candles and your done.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Cake Topper

Iron Man 2 Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (8)

Iron Man 2 Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (1)

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