Super Mario Kart Party Ideas - Wii Party Ideas

Get Some Super Mario Kart Party Ideas! Wii Party Ideas Are A Popular Theme For A Kids Birthday..

Nintendo Wii has given us these fun party ideas featuring Mario and Luigi...the Super Mario Bros of Nintendo game fame. Kids love these two game characters and enjoy playing the video games with them in it. The Super Mario Bros party supplies are a huge hit as a kids party theme too, and now Mario Kart party supplies are here. Wait until your Nintendo Wii player hears about this! I bet I know what your next kids party theme will be.

Mario Kart Wii Party Favor Box

Mario Kart Wii Party Pack Add-On

Mario Kart Wii Personalized Birthday Banner Large 30" x 100"

Mario Kart Party Invitations

Every party needs invitations and the Mario Kart party is no different. You can find invites featuring Mario and his racing kart on the front and inside they invite each guest to race over to the birthday party! All you have to do is fill in the date, time and location of your party and give an RSVP number...everything a party invitation and your party guests need. I placed a picture of the party invitations here along with a safe and fun kids party game...the pinata!

Mario Kart Wii Invitations (8)

Mario Kart Wii Lunch Napkins (16)

Mario Kart Wii Mario and Luigi 18" Pull-String Pinata

Mario Kart Wii Game Party Decorations

The Mario Kart Wii Game Party Decorations Are Really Fun! Just take a look at all the decorations there are for this popular kids birthday party theme. Giant Wall Decals featuring Mario in his Kart racing are easy to apply and they are removable.

There are also smaller wall decals that feature lots of the fun Mario Kart Wii characters on their karts. You will see Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Princess Peach and more.

Mario Kart Wii Remote Gum Tins (8)

Mario Kart Wii Removable Wall Decorations

Mario Kart Wii Standup

There is also a Mario Kart Wii Stand Up that makes a great party decoration. It also doubles as a photo opportunity! Take a picture of each party guest with this cardboard Mario and send the photo home as a party favor or enclose it with your party thank you notes! The kids and the parents will enjoy getting this party keepsake.

The Personalized Party Banner is another great party decoration idea for the Mario Kart Wii party. Hang it outside to let everyone know this is where the party is or display it inside for everyone to see.

Mario Kart Giant Wall Decals

Mario Kart Wii 18" Foil Balloon

Mario Kart Wii 9 oz. Cups (8)

Take a look at the red, blue and racing flag latex balloons. Balloons can make your decorating dollars stretch. Latex balloons are inexpensive and they add lots of color to your party area. The same goes for streamers. Mario Kart supplies feature a black and white crepe streamer that works perfectly with this kids racing party theme. Mark off your party area using this racing streamer and use it to mark off your game area as well.

Mario Kart Party Favor Ideas

Mario Kart Party Favor Ideas are quite easy to find. There is a fun filled box on sale and with it you can make each of your party guests feel like they are the new racing champ in the Mushroom Kingdom! You can see a picture of it at the top of the page. It comes with the box and lots of fun favors for you to fill it with. Here's what you will find inside:

  • Mario Kart Wii Stickers
  • 3-D Race Car Eraser
  • A Snap N Glow Lollipop
  • 2 Mario Kart Wii Tattoos - Temporary Tattoos
  • Wheel Yo Yo
  • Black Barrel O Slime
Plus the box itself is decorated true to this party theme. It has Mario and his Kart waiting to take a super circuit on the course.

Mario Kart Wii Sticker Sheets (4)

Mario Kart Wii Tattoos (8)

Mario Kart Wii Thank-You Notes (8)

If you don't want to buy a favor box you can still get some of the party favor ideas that you like. Most of them are sold individually and you can also pick from the Super Mario Bros. Sour Candy Mushroom Tin and the Mario Kart Wii Remote Gum Tin to hand out to your party guests.

Mario Kart Party T-Shirt

Dress up the Birthday Boy or Girl in a Mario Kart Wii T-Shirt. What's a more perfect party outfit than a shirt with your party theme on it? Plus this shirt will be worn over and over again by your little Super Mario fan!

Mario Kart Wii T-Shirt (10)

Mario Kart Wii T-Shirt (12)

Mario Kart Wii T-Shirt (6/8)

Mario Kart Wii Party Game Ideas

Use classic party games and give them a Mario Kart Twist! You already know tons of kids games that kids like to play so use them. Here are a few of my ideas for Mario Kart games:

  • Mario Says...a take off on Simon Says
  • Mario Kart Relay...have kids race in a homemade cardboard kart from a start line to a mid-point and back to start. Then it's the next kids turn.
  • Mario Kart Race...Have the kids run an obstacle course in those homemade cardboard karts!
  • Mario Kart Character Charades...put the names of the Mario Kart characters in a hat and have the kids, one at a time, pick one. Each child must act out their character until someone guesses who they are.
  • Mario Kart Bingo...make bingo boards with 5 rows down and 5 across. Write one letter of the name MARIO at the top of each row. Fill the center spot with the word FREE. Fill in all the other spots with Mario Kart Stickers of the characters or write the character names. Also put the names of the characters you used in a hat so the bingo caller can pick and call them. Let the kids mark off the called characters with a crayon or marker.
These games are all popular favorites that kids will enjoy playing especially with the fun twist you put on them! You can also play some musical games...freeze dance, musical chairs, etc with the theme to the game.

Make sure to have some extra stickers or tattoos available to use as game prizes!

Visit our Super Mario Bros Party Ideas page for more fun kids party ideas.

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