Mario Kart Party Supplies For a Super Circuit Birthday Party

Mario Kart Party Supplies for a Super Circuit Birthday Party is an article I wrote for Ezine Find some fun party ideas and party supplies with a Super Mario Bros theme.

Get Mario Kart Party Supplies for the kid birthday party you are planning for this year. Host a Mario Kart Wii Super Circuit party and have tons of Wii style fun with the kids. You can find all the party supplies you need to decorate for your Nintendo theme party. There are party invitations so you can invite your party guests. There are giant wall decals with Mario and his kart on them. Latex balloons come in bright red and blue...just like Super Mario himself and there are also racing style balloons too. They are white with black racing flags on them. They are perfect for your Super Circuit racing party.

Super Mario Bros. Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Super Mario Collectors Edition Chess Game

Super Mario Yahtzee

You can get a party pack filled with colorful Mario Kart themed party plates, cups and napkins. Plus there are party table centerpieces, tablecloths, streamers, confetti and they match the party packs so they will look great when used in combination with your party supplies.

The Mario Wii Kart theme party supplies also have a party favor box filled with lots of Nintendo licensed items that kids will enjoy playing with. The favor box is decorated with Luigi and his Kart, so the box itself is a big hit with the kids. Inside your young guests will find some Mario Kart stickers, 3-D race car erasers, Snap N Glow lollipop, Mario Kart Wii temporary tattoos, a wheel yo-yo and a black barrel o slime. This is a favor box fit for a Mushroom Kingdom kart race winner and all your guests will have one.

Mario Kart Giant Wall Decals

Mario Kart Wii 18" Foil Balloon

Mario Kart Wii Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Games for a Mario Wii Kart party are easy to come up with. Since this is a Mario Kart Super Circuit theme party most of your games should focus on racing and relay style games. These are super fun and fast paced games that kids enjoy playing. You can have a go kart relay race using a homemade cardboard go kart. Plan an obstacle course the kids can race around using the cardboard go karts too. You can even help the kids design a cardboard go kart as a party activity. It's easy to make this cardboard racing vehicle with some cardboard boxes, egg cartons to use as bumpers, paper plates to make wheels and lots of stickers to decorate it. Play some musical games with the theme of the Mario Kart Wii game as your music. Use these fun party game ideas and add some of your own ideas to create some fun and unique party games to use with these fun Mario Kart party supplies.

There is one party supply you don't want to overlook when you are planning a Super Circuit party. It's the Mario Kart T-shirt! Get one for your birthday boy or girl to wear at this gathering you have planned around your fun kids theme celebration supplies. Kids enjoy playing the Nintendo games starring Mario and Luigi so you can be sure this is going to be a very popular kids birthday party theme.

Check out Mario Kart Party Supplies for all your party supplies and party ideas! Find more kids party themes at Birthday Party Ideas for Kids. Have any good party ideas? Share them with us...we love to hear about fun kids birthday parties!

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