Mario Bros Wii Kart Party Games

Here Are Some Mario Bros Wii Kart Party Games And Wii Kart Party Supplies To Compliment You Wii Kart Party Ideas. Now Go On And Plan The Best Kids Birthday Party Ever!

Get your Mario Wii Kart party started with some fun race track style games. Red Light, Green Light fits into that theme and it is a classic party games young kids enjoy playing. This might be a fun way to start the party off as soon as some kids arrive. Everyone can join in as soon as they come in.
Mario Kart Wii Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Okay, you've found some great supplies, now let's go find some fun Mario Bros Wii Kart party games!

Make A Wii Go Kart Of Your Own!

Once everyone is there you can have each kid create his/her own special go-kart using a tissue box, wheels, glue and paint. To rev up the fun once the karts have dried a race is in order. Kids can race their handmade go-karts to see which has the need for speed! You can add some Mario Kart Wii Sticker Sheets for the kids to use as go-kart decorations.

Mario Kart Wii Sticker Sheets (4)

Refuel Your Engines

Refuel Your Engines

Once the party is in full-swing everyone's appetite is sure to register on the odometer. Keep some game-inspired treats handy. Cut-out sugar cookies in the shapes of stars, mushrooms, toads or eggs can be frosted to create the famed 1-up mushroom, Yoshi's spotted eggs and even Toad. Cupcakes can be topped with edible character pictures and a birthday cake can be baked in the shape of any favorite character.

Wash all those sweets down with a swig of Yoshi Juice or Princess Peach's Sweet Smoothies. A simple sticker on a juice box instantly turns ordinary juice into Yoshi Juice, while any frozen concoction can be labeled as Princess Peach's Sweet Smoothie. Add some healthy fare with fruit kabobs. Get inspired by the Italian roots of Mario and Luigi and build mini pizzas with your choice of toppings.

Food is done? Okay, now it's time for more Mario Bros Wii Kart party games.

Yoshi's Egg Hunt Birthday Party Game

Keep The Party Running With Yoshi's Egg Hunt, it's an easy party game to arrange for. Hide plastic Easter eggs filled with gold coins. Kids will delight in Yoshi's Egg Hunt to see who can collect the most coins. You can find the Gold Coins you need here. It's a set of 30!

Indoor Or Outdoor Obstacle Course

Indoors or outdoors can play background to a parent-created obstacle course sure to please any kid-at-heart. Climbing up and over, running, jumping and rolling down a hill or scooting down the stairs are great additions to exercise the extra energy always present at birthday parties. Obstacle courses are just perfect when you need some Mario Bros Wii Kart party games. I have found the perfect accessory too, there are inflatable tires will help make your game extra fun! You can find them at the Oriental Trading Company.

Mario Bros Pull String Pinata Fun

Mario pull-string piƱatas can be purchased for added fun at the end of the journey. Remember to fill them with goodies and treats before the game begins and give some party bags to the kids so they can put the treats they collect inside them. How many Mario Bros Wii Kart party games will actually have pictures of Mario and Luigi Mario on them?

More Fun Mario Bros Wii Kart Party Activities

Let everyone try and make a hat just like Mario and Luigi have. That will get a few laughs as the kids try to create a hat.

You can also find more fun party activities that will go with your Mario Bros Wii Kart party ideas at our other Mario Bros party pages. Check them out.

Mario Kart Wii Party Ideas

Mario Bros Birthday Cake Ideas

Mario Wii Kart Party Favors

And just for fun, send everyone home with a fake mustache to rival the ones proudly worn by Mario and Luigi.

Here are some more fun favor ideas for a Mario Bros Wii Karty Party!

Mario Kart Wii Party Favor Box

Here's what you get:
  • A decorated Mario Bros Wii Kart Favor Box
  • Mario Bros Sticker Sheet
  • 3D Race Car Eraser
  • Snap N Glow Lollipop
  • Mario Bros Tattoo,li>Mario Bros Notepad
  • Box of 4 Crayons
  • Black Barrel O Slime

Race to the Finish

The last of the party games can be a Mario Bros Wii Kart Race to the Finish! Create some Wii Kart Racers using cardboard boxes. Arrange a team relay race using these simple go karts. The first team to have all it's members complete the course is the winner. What a fun way to create a grand finale with a Mario Kart Wii tournament. A perfect way to end the perfect party!

Mario Bros Party Games

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