Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Bead Me Baby! Mardi Gras Party Ideas For A Little Bit Of New Orleans Style Fun!

Most people think of New Orleans when they think Mardi Gras. It's true that New Orleans is known for the most famous, loud and notorious Mardi Gras parties. Yet, you don't have to live in the Big Easy to enjoy this festive day. In fact, the spirit of Mardi Gras is a reason to celebrate any day of the year. You can throw a Mardi Gras party for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties or anything else. But February is still the most popular time of the year for Mardi Gras party ideas.

Mardi Gras History

Traditionally Mardi Gras, French for “Fat Tuesday” marks the beginning of lent. As you can imagine, people looking forward to 40 days (46 days when you count Sundays) of living without love to live it up! This concept of enjoying the moment is the perfect backdrop for any celebration. The city of New Orleans celebrates with dancing, Jazz, masquerade balls and festive parties and celebrations. Massive floats and parades take on certain routes in the French Quarter and revelers party the week away.

Beautiful masks are part of the Mardi Gras Tradition.

Black Feather Couples Mask

Mardi Gras Beads

I am sure you are familiar with the Mardi Gras beads that are a fun part of the celebration, but don't forget the symbolism of those beads.

Mardi Gras Crown Beads Pkg/12

The colors of Mardi Gras are purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power. Cover your party space with these colors for a festive atmosphere. You can easily find cups, plates, tablecloths and other decorations with these colors. The spirit behind Mardi Gras is to go all out and enjoy yourself. Why not go all out with the decorations? The more fun you have getting ready for the party, the more fun your guests will have at the party. Mardi Gras decorations are half the fun of the party. And that means not only beads, but masks too.

Mardi Gras Masks

Masks are a fun part of Mardi Gras tradition. You can find some very inexpensive masks for under 2.00, you can find some expensive masks and you can also find some very elegant masks like the one in the picture below. The prices for the different style Mardi Gras masks ranges from low to high. Find more styles and prices by clicking right on the picture.

Mardi Gras Venetian Mask Adult

Take a look at our Mardi Gras Masks Page.

Mardi Gras Theme Party For Everyone

Mardi Gras parties can be planned for children, but don't count them out as an adult party theme. They are well suited for adult parties. For either group you can send invitations with attached the unmistakable Mardi Gras beads, masks or crowns. You can tell your guests to come dressed in purple, green or gold and ready for a real party! Letting your guests know ahead of time about a costume party is a great way to increase their effort. Many of the activities can be scaled down for children. However, it might be a difficult concept for children to grasp. Depending on their age you might just point out colors and show them pictures of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Describe it as a huge dance party, this will be easily understood by little ones.

Mardi Gras Party Decorations

Mardi Gras Decorating Kit Kit

Mardi Gras party ideas allow you to use Mardi Gras beads as prizes for a particular game or a super grand prize. Offer beads as prizes or you can try many different games where beads are passed from one to another.

Mardi Gras Party Jazz

At a Mardi Gras party Jazz is typically the music that's going to be played. Of course, New Orleans is a Jazz town. Just take a listen to the soundtrack of the latest Disney Princess movie the Princess and the Frog. Jazzy!...but this is your party so you can really play any kind of music you like. Jazz might be fun for a kids musical game...Freeze Dance or Musical Chairs. Just for some of that down home real N'awlins Effect!

Here a Mardi Gras Party Game Ideas

This game is played by passing the beads. For example, give each person 6 beads. Put them in groups of two. Pick a word for them and see how many times they can get the other person to say the word. The person who says the word gives one of his beads away.

Lots of people know of Mardi Gras, yet many people aren't aware of the history, or how Mardi Gras originated. Set up a simple trivia game. Prizes can be beads or mask or other items. Ask questions about Mardi Gras or, depending on the group, you can do trivia that is much more personal. The most important element of course, is to have fun with it!

If your group is up for it, try childlike games. Pass the baby around or organize a scavenger hunt. Be creative. Consider expanding your party to neighbors. Mardi Gras is a pretty universal theme, consider a block party.

Picking a few activities is likely enough for a Mardi Gras party. The decorations will be fairly simple and cheap. Overall, a Mardi Gras party is a fairly easy concept for the right group of people. Just make sure all guests leave with something memorable. Don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures.

Mardi Gras Party Recipes and King Cake

Do not forget the Mardi Gras party recipes! The food of New Orleans is the perfect fare for this Fat Tuesday party theme. Po' Boy Sandwiches, Spicy Gumbo, Jambalaya, Shrimp Etouffe,Catfish Etouffe or Crawfish Etouffe, Crawfish, Collards, Cajun Dirty Rice, Mardi Gras Gator Meat Balls, Beignets and some Real N'awlins Muffuletta. can go really wild with these southern and Cajun Mardi Gras recipes. People will want you to cook for every party.

How to Bake a King Cake

Mardi Gras dessert...King Cake. Order one or learn How to Bake a King Cake. Make sure you put that baby inside for one of your guests to find. That will mean they get to supply the King Cake next year! Get the recipe on our King Cake page.

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