Mardi Gras Beads - Mardi Gras Party

Purple, Green And Gold Mardi Gras Beads Are A Must Have At A Mardi Gras Party. Find some great party supplies, all with a Mardi Gras theme, right here and get ready to celebrate this old, exciting tradition where ever you are!

Mardi Gras traditions include:
  • Parades
  • King Cake
  • Balls
  • Delicious Foods
  • Music
  • Beads
You might have noticed I keep mentioning, let's take a look at some.

Mardi Gras Beads Pkg/144

There's a lot of toss beads and that's good...because with a Mardi Gras theme you are going to need plenty! Toss them to your guests, use them as table decorations, after all, it's a tradition.

What else do you need besides these toss beads? Well, here's the traditional accessories at a Mardi Gras party.
  • Masks
  • Favors
  • Party Supplies
  • Table Decorations
  • Photo Props
Yes, Photo Props...every Mardi Gras Reveler needs a picture to remind them of the fun they had at that party and this one includes a Jester.

Jester Photo Op Standee Each

The Jester is a tradition that goes along with the Mardi Gras. But you might like this picture setting a bit more. Seat your guests in front of this picture setting and a photo of everyone.

Personalized Mardi Gras Photo Op Each

These props are wonderful fun and they create wonderful keepsakes for your Mardi Gras party guests. It's a party they won't soon forget, and of course, they will have the Mardi Gras beads to bring home along with their pictures.

Mardi Gras Decorations

Start with some balloons, some wall or door decorations - like the Mystique Mask door curtain, a star ball decoration or some float decorations to spread the festivities of the Mardi Gras around your party room. Finish up with beads, beads and more Mardi Gras beads.

Mystique Mask Door Curtain

Your home will be turned into a Ballroom with this mystique Mask door curtain. It's just the right colors and the right amount of glitter and gold for your party.

Now all you are going to need are some masks, and there are many to choose from. Mask styles include Venetian, Feather, Glitter, Harlequin, Comedy and Tragedy, Peacock and the Butterfly mask that has become a favorite choice for party goers.

Glistening Butterfly Mask Blue Each

Don't forget to get your Mardi Gras Beads!

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