Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Clues

by Jillian

Get Mall Scavenger Hunt ideas and Clues.

When you make a clue list for a Mall Scavenger Hunt keep it simple, but make sure it's fun. Your hunt list can include: a receipt from the dollar store, a picture of a best selling book in your local book store, a picture of a team member under the Payless store sign. A picture of a team member holding a popular DVD, a picture of the mall food court.

Make sure you keep your lists small, and send an adult out with each of your Scavenger Hunt Teams. Kids shouldn't ever be out roaming the malls by themselves. Set a time limit on the hunt and arrange a place to meet when that time limit is over.

A Mall Scavenger Hunt can be a lot of fun...add more clues to the clue list...make sure your child's favorite movie, DVD, CD or clothing store is on the list. Give each team a small amount of money and send them to a store where they can buy a gift for the birthday child. A wild pair of socks, a coloring book and crayons, a favorite Beanie Baby or Webkinz should be something inexpensive...but something the birthday child will enjoy.

When time is up everyone gives their purchased/collected items to the birthday girl or boy as a gift. Now remember the mall is a place of business, so have fun, but do your best to prevent from being rowdy, disruptive, or annoying.

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