Making Halloween Cards Is Fun And Easy

by Joey
(Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA)

Here is Frankensteins Bride on a homemade Halloween card.

Here is Frankensteins Bride on a homemade Halloween card.

Making Halloween cards is fun and easy for just about everyone. If I can do, you can do it. I seem to have lots of thumbs when it comes to detailed work, but making cards is an easy craft I enjoy. Try it, you will like it as much as I do and you will be able to thrill your family and friends with your beautiful card designs.

Look at these fun Halloween cards that are homemade. When you look at them, take them apart in your mind. Look at the different parts that make them up. The different patterns of paper used, the embellishments, the ribbons, the little stickers. See which, if any, of the embellishments are sitting high on foam tabs to give the card a 3-D look. It's fun to discover the tricks the card maker used to make each particular design.

You can find lots of stickers, papers, ribbons and tools to make your own greeting cards at the Oriental Trading Company. You will also find lots of kids crafts, party supplies and novelty gift ideas. They are a fun online catalog to look at.

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