Making Carnival Games Ring Toss

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Making Carnival Games The Lollipop Tree

Making Carnival Games The Lollipop Tree

Thinking of making carnival games for your carnival theme birthday party? This is a great theme for kids and adults and it is easy to find lots of make your own game ideas.

There are so many fun carnival you remember playing them when you were a kid? Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Spinning the Big Wheel, Duck Pond, The Lollipop Tree, Water Gun games, Fish Bowl, Milk Bottles, Make A Basket...there are so many and you can make most of these fun games yourself. You may need to buy some accessories, like for ring toss you need some wooden rings...but you can find those necessities at the Oriental Trading Company. You can also find carnival game prizes there too...and those big all day sucker lollipops that you could always find at a carnival!

You can also find some of these games already made at check out the ones that look difficult to make and buy them. Make the easy ones your self.

The Milk Bottle Toss is an easy one to make. Just fill up some 16 ounce plastic bottles with water or sand. Let the kids try to throw the wooden rings around them.

Another easy game to make is duck pond. Although you will have to check out the Oriental Trading Company for the duck pond and the cute little rubber duckies.

Making a Lollipop Tree carnival party game is easy. Use a piece of styrofoam shaped like a tree...paint it or decorate it any way you like and add the lollipops. (Hey, you can also buy the lollipop tree base at Oriental Trading. It holds 444 lollipops!)

When you have made the lollipop tree and are ready to insert the lollipops into it remember to mark a few of the pop sticks. When these lollipops are pulled out that child wins a special prize!

Penny Toss is another easy to make carnival game. Just set up plastic or paper plates on a table and let the kids toss pennies in. Mark the center of the plates with a circle and the penny has to land completely inside the circle to be a winner.

There are so many ideas you can use for making carnival games. Just think back to the games that were your favorites.

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