Making Carnival Games A Fishing Booth

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Carnival Game Prizes For Everyone  Kids love playing carnival games!

Carnival Game Prizes For Everyone Kids love playing carnival games!

Making carnival games is really fun and easy, but making a carnival fishing simple! We used this kid friendly game years ago at a circus birthday party we had in our backyard.

Before you begin, you will need a pole, string, a clothes pin, a box and prizes. Tie some string on to the prizes and make some big loops. This is what the fishing pole is going to "catch".

Tightly tie the clothes pin to the end of the string first, then attach the opposite end of the string to the pole. Usually, the people who play the fishing booth game are children, so make sure both the pole and string are not too long.

A divider separates the game operator from the person playing the game. The divider can be anything from a a folding table covered in colorful plastic tarp, to a decorated piece of cardboard or a decorated card board box. I used a picnic bench as a divider and covered it in plastic paper. It was the perfect size for the kids and the prizes stayed hidden because the box was mostly under the bench.

The player will either place their pole over, or through a hole in the partition. Once the string is on the other side of the divider, the fisherman is going to fish until he or she catches something. The operator will help pull the catch out of the water and give the attached prize to the lucky carnival game winner!

Carnival game prizes can be just about anything. Print out some kids coloring pages, buy silly gifts like temporary tattoos, whistles, candies or get some cool gifts like stuffed animals. Whatever prizes you decide upon I am sure the kids will enjoy playing the fishing game.

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