Make A Ladybug Costume

Make a Ladybug Costume for Halloween this year. It's easy, quick and cheap. Halloween costumes should not cost an arm and a leg and if you make your own it won't. You can buy a few simple accessories and be on your way with a fabulous costume that you designed and assembled yourself. Find out how to make a ladybug costume, one of the cutest and most popular girls costumes out on the market. If you or your child really are crazy about ladybugs, why not have a ladybug theme party

Lady Bug Infant Costume

Lady Bug Kit Child

Lady Bug Wig

Woman love the ladybug costume too and you can find a ladies Ladybug shoe with a high heel and a velcro strap for only 10.00. Now, that's a Halloween shoe bargain. A cheap Halloween shoe is hard to find, so if you are thinking ladybug you better get your shoes now. I love shoes and these are really a cute costume maker!

Ladybug Adult Shoes

Includes one pair of high heel platform style shoes.... more

Here's What You Will Need To Make A Costume

To make a ladybug costume you will need red...a red dress or sweat pants and shirt, a red shirt and red stretch pick what goes underneath. Then you will need some black felt circles. All you need is a piece of felt and cut out circles just the size you want. Remember, you are the one who is designing this Ladybug costume, so it is all about what you want it to look like.

Looking for a fancier ladybug costume? Get some black or white lace and pin or sew it around your shirts neckline and wrists. You can also make your black circles out of lace. Just cut your piece of black lace into circles.

Lil Ladybug Infant Costume

This adorable lil ladybug is a red with black spots hooded cape with attached pom-pom antenna, and is made of soft fleece. It comes complete with matc... more

Little Lady Bug Toddler Costume

Includes Red romper with Black spots attached wings, and headband covered in black fabric with attached antennae. Available in two sizes: 12-18 Months... more

Little Miss Ladybug Child Costume

Includes: Dress, Wings, Headband, Stockings. Does not include shoes.... more

You can also make a black cape out of some felt. Get a large piece of red felt and cut out a big circle. Then cut out a head hole. Slip the entire thing over your've got a ladybug dress. Cut the front if you want it to be a cape style. You can cut arm holes on the sides and wow..there's your easy homemade costume. Just decorate it with black spots.

Once you have the basic idea it is easy to design the rest of your costume to look just as you want it to.

You can make wings out of a piece of poster board. Get one larger enough to cut two wing templates out of. Cover the cardboard cutouts with red paper or paint and put black circles on them. With a hole punch punch two holes in the inside of the wing. One at the top and one at the bottom. You are going to thread elastic strips into each hole and that will create an arm hole so you can wear each wing. You can also attach the wings to your ladybug top with heavy duty glue or by sewing them on to it. Use heavy duty thread to do this. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach your wings. I...however, like to buy ladybug wings. I think it is much easier and I like it when they look almost transparent. Take a look at the ones I would buy in the picture up at the top of the page. They are about 8 dollars and cute as can be.

Look At Other Costumes To Design Yours

Examine other ladybug costumes when you are going to make a ladybug costume so you can see what features you want in yours. Some cute costumes you can buy have black spots in the shape of a heart. Do you want yours to have heart shaped spots? Well, then cut your spots in heart shapes.

Some costumes have ribbons attached to the you like that look? Then attach ribbons to your antennas...make them with a hard head band and some pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners at one end to the headband. Attach a black pom poms to the top of each cleaner. If you want ribbons add them to the base. Just tie them around each pipe cleaner where it is attached to the headband. Make them with curling ribbon and curl them before you attach them.

Like the ladybuy wig look? Then get some red color hair spray and streak your own hair like that. If you have blonde hair you might want to spray some black color spray on your hair before the red streaks. Make sure your parents know about this before you do it!

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Hope you found all the ideas you need to make a ladybug costume for Halloween. It is so easy to make your own Halloween costume! If you have any questions about how to make a ladybug costume or any other homemade costumes, please use the contact form and reach out to us. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

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