Make Your Own Valentines Day Card

How to Make Your Own Cards

It's very easy to make your own Valentines Day card! There are lots of inexpensive ways you and your kids can design and create beautiful holiday cards...for any holiday or birthday, not just Valentines Day using the ideas you will find here.

You can get colored paper and cut each sheet in half. Then fold each half in half and you've got the beginnings of your very own homemade card. Decide on a picture or design you'd like to put on the front page of your card. You can find clipart online, or you can use can even draw your very own design if you like. If you have rubber stamps you can use them.

Paper lace doilies are fun to use a a background inside your card. If you have some you can glue them in your card, either whole or you can cut them in half. Write some Valentines Day sayings on them...Happy Valentines Day! or Be Mine! are just perfect!

On the outside of your card you can put stickers or draw a nice picture with crayons. Sign your name...and your done. Wasn't that easy?

I've found two web sites that will give you printable templates for cards. That might make it easier for you. They are:

123 Print Cards


Printable Card Templates

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