Make Your Own Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament

by Jillian, A Crafty Woman
(Edison, New Jersey)

Layered Snowflake Ornament Craft Kits are fun and easy kids craft ideas.

Layered Snowflake Ornament Craft Kits are fun and easy kids craft ideas.

It's easy to make your own snowflake Christmas tree ornament with paper, some beads, and string or pipe cleaners. Your paper (or foam sheets if your like to use them for your crafts) can be white or any color you like. You may need markers, glue and other craft supplies to help you complete this holiday craft project so be sure to have your craft materials handy. First you will have to cut snowflakes in different sizes. Usually about five or six of them. The largest one is going to be the bottom of your ornament, the smallest the top. Make a hole in the center of each of the snowflakes. String your string or pipe cleaner throug the first and largest snowflake. Now string some beads on your string. Use festive holiday colors! Now add another some more beads...get the idea? Keep stringing snowflakes and beads until you have used the last snowflake. Top that little flake with one more bead. Now tie off your string leaving enough extra string to make a loop to hand your ornament...or look your pipe cleaner.

Your snowflake ornament looks great doesn't it? And look how easy this kids craft project and your kids can make tons of these cute snowflake ornaments to decorate your tree or to tie on to presents when you wrap them.

Have fun and enjoy this kids craft idea with your kids this Christmas time...or buy a simple craft kit from the Oriental Trading Company.

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