Make Your Own Snow! A Fun Science Project For Kids

by Jillian
(Science Party Ideas)

Kid Science Projects are Interesting Science Fair Projects

Kid Science Projects are Interesting Science Fair Projects

These kid science projects are lots of fun and they make a great birthday or holiday party activity. With this "Make Your Own Snow" Kit you get Insta-Snow® powder, snow scoop, petri dish, portion cup and instructions, everything you need to make this FX snow.

Why not thrill your kids and your party guests with this really cool science project...the kids won't even know they are learning because they will be having too much fun.

Just mix the instant snow powder with water and you will see snow appear before your eyes, like magic. Your instant snow will stay fluffy for weeks!

Click on the picture to find out how to make your own snow!

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It's great when you can surprise and mystify your kids...and this science project kit will help you to do just that. This kids science project is good in the winter...and really cool in the summer. Show your kids an example of a science project that is fun and interesting. Even simple science projects are fun!

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