Make Some Snowman Cupcakes For Kids

by Jillian

Make Snowman Cupcakes with our Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Make Snowman Cupcakes with our Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Make some Snowman Cupcakes for kids this winter holiday season. Snowman cupcakes are one of the easiest cupcake decorating ideas you will find.

There is good news, you can make these cupcakes several different ways.

First, bake your cupcakes and then frost them with white frosting. They are already delicious!

Dip each cupcake in coconut and add some chocolate chips for the eyes and the nose. Use some string licorice for the mouth or you could use a line of mini chocolate chips for that. Cute and easy.

You can also make some funny Snowman cupcakes with simple cupcake decorating ideas like using googly eyes instead of the chocolate chips, or using cut up fruit strips to make a mouth, nose and even a scarf for Mr. Frosty. You can use striped gum as a scarf too. You may have to cut it in half *length wise* and fringe the edge if you like.

How about the Marshmallow Snowman Cupcake? Bake and frost your cupcakes. Add a marshmallow on top and then take another marshmallow, cut it a little to make it smaller than the first and then stack the second marshmallow right on top of the first. Put a little cake frosting in between as glue. You can use Jimmies or mini chocolate chips as eyes, a mini Junior Mint as a hat and a piece of orange candy...a fruit strip or a Dots orange candy as a nose.

There are so many easy ways to decorate your cupcakes. If you have a good how to make a Snowman cupcake idea...why not share it with us. It is, after all, the season of sharing...and I've given you a couple of my easy decorating secrets!

Tell me your Snowman Cupcake Decorating Ideas!

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