Make Disney Party Invitations

How to Make Disney Party Invitations can be as easy as you like. Use some construction paper with a bunch of Disney stickers, get some glitter glue and a pen to fill in your party info. Cut your paper in half. Fold each piece in half and decorate with your stickers and glitter glue. Fill the party details in with your pen and that's how easy it can be to make your own party invitations. It can also be a lot more all depends on what kind of an invite you want to make.

Here is some more detailed information on how to make your own Disney Party Invitations:

To create a Disney Party Invitation you will need to have the following:

• Computer
• Internet
• Printer
• Plain White computer paper
• Construction Paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils
• Stickers ( optional)

Step 1

Find Your Disney Characters
• For younger children, look on Disney Preschool
• Click on the icon called Print and Color
• Choose your child’s favorite character
• Follow printing instructions using plain white computer paper
For older children, try Disney Magic Artist Online.
• Select the Coloring Pages
• Choose your collection
• Follow printing instructions using plain white computer paper

Step 2

Color The Picture
• Use crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Step 3

Cut out the picture
• Use the scissors to cut out the picture

Step 4

Choose Construction Paper
• Select paper color for the invitation
• Cut the paper in half
• Fold both halves of the paper in half

Step 5

Glue the Picture
• Place glue on the picture and glue to front of invitation

Step 6

Party Particulars
• Write date, time, place inside the card
• Include any other pertinent information if desired

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