Make Carnival Party Games Yourself

How to Make Carnival Party Games yourself. It is easy to make a few carnival games for your next kids birthday party, a block party, a school fundraiser or a Forth of July party. Really, just read our ideas and then go ahead and make games for your party.

Our list of make carnival party games includes:

Make a bowling game. Making a bowling game is pretty easy with the help of some 16 ounce plastic bottles and a ball. Fill your empty soda bottles with sand. Put the top on them. Paint them in festive colors or make them look like real bowling pins. You decide how many pins you want. It can be three or ten or's all up to you...the Game Maker. Get a ball and roll it at your pins to make sure it will knock them down. I like to use a soccer size ball at a kids party. Once you know the ball can knock down the've made your first bowling game. Good job!

It's Easy To Make Carnival Party Games.  Look at the clothespin drop game.

It is really easy to make carnival party games. Look at the clothespin drop game. Get a large mouthed plastic jar. I used the one we got stick pretzels in. You can also use a large cup or a drink rubbermaid. Get clothes pins and you've got a clothespin drop game. If you use the pretzel container or other jar you can paint it or put stickers on so it is decorated. You can also leave it clear. Paint the clothespins for some color. It can be cheap to make your own party games. And this way you have more money to spend on your carnival party supplies.

Milk Bottle Toss Carnival Party Games

Make a bean bag toss game. Making a bean bag toss game is another easy and fun way to make a game for your carnival party. It's also cheaper to make games for your party than it is to buy them. So lets make fun games and save money. To make a bean bag game get a piece of card board and cut some holes in it. The holes are what you are going to throw your bean bags into. Or at least try to get them in the holes. Get bean bags or nerf balls or even sponges to throw into your holes. Test the game out. You can prop your cardboard up against a table or chair. You can build a brace behind it to prop it up if you know how or you can use a cardboard box and cut holes in the bottom of it. Then just lay the box on it's side with the holes facing the players.

Now decorate your bean bag game using wrapping paper or paint it your self. You can decorate it with carnival colors or make it match any party theme at all. Pirate, princess, yo gabba gabba, Mario Bros, all these party ideas can use a bean bag game.

Make carnival party games or you can buy some of these games. Either way it is important to have lots of fun games at your carnival party.

Make a can toss game. Or this can be a milk bottle toss game too. Instead of cans use soda or milk containers. Set up three cans in triangle formation. Set them up on a bench, a chair or a table. Get a ball and throw it at the cans. Do they fall down easily or do they wobble a bit? If they fall down to easily you will want to get a smaller or softer ball. You don't want the can toss game to be too easy or too difficult for your players. Carnival games are lots of fun when they are a challenge.

Make a duck pond game. All you need to make a duck pond game is a basin or small pool and some floating rubber duckies and a marker. Get the larger duckies because the small 2" duckies don't float. It's the 4" ones you will need. You can find tons of rubber duckies in all different themes at the Oriental Trading Company. In fact, you can also find all the game prizes you need for a carnival party there.

Anyway, fill the basin or pool with water. Mark a number on the bottom of the duckies and put them into the water. That's a really easy carnival game to make!

I told you making carnival games yourself was easy. It can be a lot of fun when you and your family work together to design and decorate these fun games for your family's party. When you make carnival party games you have fun, learn how to do new things and save money.

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