How To Make A Zombie Costume

How to make a zombie costume is a quick and easy to follow how to page so you can make scary zombie Halloween costumes for your kids. Make one for yourself too, you can be the ZombieMom this year. Some people like to begin by making zombie drawings, very much like an architect draws up blue prints before a house gets built. It makes it easy to plan exactly what you will need to complete this costume.

Lab Tech Zombie Child Costume

Light and Sound Beating Heart Skull Zombie Child Costume

Lite-Up Corpse Child Costume

The Best Zombie Movies

To get into that scary place where zombies, the undead, live...if that is the right can watch some of the best zombie movies we know. There are some great classics and some new ones that are pretty good. Watch one, watch them all...let us know which you think is the best of the zombie movies on our list...or even it it is not on our list. To tell us which you think are the best zombie movies go to the bottome of this page to the contact box. Here are our favorite movies about zombies:


The Zombie Diaries

Zombie Town

Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)

Dance of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Zombie Games

How about playing some zombie board games or even a zombie dice game?

Last Night on Earth The Zombie Game

Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Dice

YuGiOh 5D's Zombie World ENGLISH 1st Edition Structure Deck

Zombie Trading Cards

Zombie images are on all of these trading cards, so if you or your child likes to collect this kind of collectible, this might be something you want to take a look at.

Hollywood Zombies Trading Card Box of 24 Packs

YuGiOh 5D's Ancient Prophecy Single Card Archfiend Zombie-Skull ANPR-EN042 Super Rare

Yu Gi Oh Premium Secret Rare Foil Card Return Zombie

YuGiOh 5D's Zombie World ENGLISH 1st Edition Structure Deck

What You Need To Make A Zombie Costume

You can check out the zombie images on this page and click on anyone of the pictures to see more accessories and costume ideas that you can incorporate into homemade zombie costumes.

To make a zombie costume for Halloween you will need:

* Zombie makeup

* Old outfit, preferably dirty, stained or with holes

* Old shoes

* One roll of toilet paper

* One package of Halloween spider web material

Dark and Dreary Family Makeup Kit

Day Of The Dead Groom Adult Costume

Devils Rejects - Victim Mask Adult

Assemble Your Zombie Halloween Costumes

Here's how to assemble your zombie costume. You must be looking for a quick Halloween costume that will last a few hours, because that's how easy making zombie Halloween costumes can be.

First put on the ragged outfit that is dirty or stained. Paint your face black in certain areas to simulate the decaying process.

Once that is done, take the toilet paper and wrap it around you loosely.

Then you'll need to spread the Halloween spider web material strategically over your body. Try not to get it near your face or it will get in your way.

If you're feeling daring, hook the spider that comes with the spider web material somewhere near your hand or face. Put on some old shoes to top off the look.

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You can find some very funny, in fact, some hilarious jokes for kids. You can also find quotes, sayings and riddles about birthdays and all the things that kids celebrate...which is everything. That is the amazing thing about children. They find everything interesting and they have a natural curiosity and excitement about all things. They are the best! I add jokes, quotes, sayings and riddles all the time, so take a look...there might even be some zombie jokes that will be perfect for sharing with your kids or friends when they help you make a zombie costume.

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