Make A Robot Costume - Homemade Costumes Are Fun

How To Make A Robot Costume - Step By Step Instructions For Anyone Who Is Thinking About Making A Homemade Costume For Halloween This Year.

You can make a robot costume to wear on Halloween...or you can buy one. Chances are the one you are going to make isn't going to look like the one you can buy...but sometimes you don't want to look like a store bought's up to you. The fun thing about making your own costume is you can keep adding accessories until you think you've got it right.

The box costume instructions on this page WILL NOT help you make a robot costume like this one!! LOL

Kids Robot Costume - Robot Costumes

Materials You Will Need To Make A Robot Costume

Here is a list of the materials you will need to make your own homemade robot costume. You should have most of these items at home already. You can also visit a local consignment shop to see if they have the items you don't.

  • 2 boxes
  • gray sweatpants
  • gray long sleeve undershirt
  • paint
  • maybe a gray turtleneck
Now here are the step by step instructions. Feel free to add any embellishments you think look good...I personally like dryer venting when making a homemade robot costume.

1. Find a box that will fit your child. This needs to be a bigger box for the body of the robot.

2. Find another box that you can use for the head of the robot.

3. Measure your child to match the boxes so you know where to cut the holes.

4. Cut out the arms and head holes in the bigger box and the eye holes in the smaller box. The box opening is where the child will put the costume on. Cut away or tape down any loose box parts.

5. Try it on your child to make sure the parts fit properly. If they don't fit, adjust accordingly.

5. Paint each of the boxes in gray. You and your child could do this together and then your child can decorate the robot parts the way that they want using the other colors of paint. Circles and other shapes are popular for younger children.

6. To assemble, dress your child in all of the gray clothing. Then, put the box parts on. You now have your robot costume all finished.

7. A costume made of boxes, like this robot, doesn't have a great range of if you are making this outfit for your son or daughter, make sure you are with them when they have it on...or make the eye holes large enough that they can see around them. We all want costumes to be cool looking but first they must be safe!

Here is another robot costume I found for can possibly make your homemade robot costume look similar to this one...

Wall*e Deluxe Child Costume

Wall*e Deluxe Child Costume

Other robot costume ideas include the Transformers Costumes, , Rock'em Sock'em Robots, , a Star Wars C-3PO Child Costume or R2D2 from Star Wars and The Terminator 4 T600.

Take a look at all these costumes and see which one you like can look at it and see how you can make it yourself!

The most important thing to remember when you make a robot costume is that making this costume is supposed to be fun!

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