Make A Paper Plate Fish

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Here is a blue Paper Plate Fish we made

Here is a blue Paper Plate Fish we made

A Paper Plate Fish project is one of those fun paper crafts for kids that is easy to make. Just take a regular paper plate and cut a triangle out of it like it was a pie.

Look at the plate with the cut. It looks like a fish with its mouth open, doesn't it? Now the triangle you cut out is going to be the fishes tail. Take the piece you cut out and glue it to the paper plate right opposite of where you cut it.

Now you have a cute fish...but it needs some color. Draw some eyes on it. Make the tail several different colors. Make your fish colorful.

Wasn't that easy? Want to know about more paper plate craft ideas? These fun paper crafts for kids are so much fun on a rainy day, on crafts night or as a kids birthday party craft project. You can find some really great kits so you can make paper plate whales, monsters, cowboys, owls, ghosts and even spiders. Take a look at the Oriental Trading Company. There are party supplies, party games and game prizes for kids in the online catalog too.

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