How To Make A Gypsy Costume

You can make a gypsy costume using clothing and jewelry you probably already own. You might have to buy an accessory or two, but most people will have most of the bright clothing you need for a gypsy or gipsy costume. The Roma or Romany, as some call the gypsies, are a nomadic, free spirited people who may have come from Egypt and who travel in caravans or circus type groups. The idea of a gypsy caravan traveling around the countryside working as entertainment troupes and fortune tellers is a very exotic and romantic life style. It makes the idea of a gypsy costume rather exciting.

Gypsy Dancer Child Costume

Gypsy Jewelry Set

Gypsy Princess Adult Costume

When you are making your costume use the loose peasant or poet shirts, longs flowing skirt (or skirts...wear two and hike one up to make it look layered), lots of colorful gold chains and jewelry. Exotic eye makeup...lots of black around the eyes with bright colored eye shadow. Perhaps a beauty mark somewhere near the corner of your lip and some red lipstick, nail polish and toe nail polish.

Gypsy Costume Ingredients

To make a gypsy costume you will need the following items:

§ Old scarves
§ Flowery, flowing skirts
§ Dark red lipstick
§ Face paint or makeup
§ Costume Jewelry (the more you have the better)
§ A chain belt
§ An old but big pocket book
§ One large hoop gold earring
§ A shawl

Extra Ideas

§ A tambourine
§ Silver Finger Cymbals
§ Tarot Of Marseilles Card Deck
§ Carry a crystal ball (get one of those glowing clear bouncy balls!
§ A Magic 8 Ball
§ Fortune telling fish

Got any other ideas? Throw them in, you can't go wrong when you make a gypsy costume yourself. It's all about what you like.

Assemble Your Homemade Gypsy Costume

Gather all the accessories you have compiled to make your gypsy costume.

Begin by layering on the flowery skirts that don’t match, add some old scarves and hang them from your waist, a chain belt would work well and a lot of costume jewelry.

Put on the face paint or makeup and add some dark red lipstick.

Tie one of the scarves around your head.

Clip the big gold hoop earring through one of your ears.

Use the big old pocket book to collect all of your candy.

There you go, you are now a gypsy fortune teller or a member of a traveling troupe of nomads and you are now ready to go out and have a frightful night. You saved a lot of money and had a lot of fun because you decided to make a gypsy costume and now you have a great outfit, so go and have a great time.

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