Make A Face Cheese Ball Is An Easy Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas - Make A Pumpkin Face Cheese Ball

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas - Make A Pumpkin Face Cheese Ball

Here is how to make a funny face on a cheese ball so you can serve it on your buffet table. It makes a great adult or kids Halloween party food idea and it is easy as can be. Look at the picture so you can see exactly how to make this fun cheese ball.

You will need a cheese ball or some soft cheese dip,
some black olives, some shredded carrots and a pickle. And of course you will also need the chips or crackers.

Get a cheese ball or buy soft cheese dip in a container and form a cheese ball yourself. Put some carrot strips on it so it looks nice and orange. Push some black olives into it. Use two olives for the eyes, one for the nose and three or four...or even five...for the mouth. Stick a pickle in the head so it looks like a pumpkin stem.

Put your Jack O Lantern cheese ball on a platter and place chips or crackers all around it. Use colorful veggie chips, tortilla chips or assorted crackers...whichever are your favorites. I know a lot of people like to use blue chips because they look a little spooky on Halloween.

Serve this fine Halloween appetizer to your guests when they arrive.

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