Make A Devil Costume

Make a devil costume for Halloween this year. It's a cheap costume idea and it is easy to make yourself. You can design your costume. Decide if you want to be a scary devil or a sweet little devil and then follow our easy instructions. Never be afraid to add your own ideas to ours. That's how to make a unique Halloween costume!

Devil Heel Adult Shoes

Devil Horns, Tail, and Bow Tie Set

Devil in Da Hood Tween Costume

Devil Costume Materials

To make a devil costume you are going to need a few items and we have listed them here:

Cheap thin black headband
Long piece of red felt (around two to three feet)
Glue, adhesive, or a needle and thread
Black or red clothing
Cotton balls or cotton stuffing
Red cloth or material
Red ribbon
Red sweat pants and a shirt
Red tights
Red blousy shirt

Optional Long red satin gloves
Red plastic pitch fork

Devil DLittle Infant/Toddler Costume

Devil Eyebrows, Beard and Moustache

Devil Girl Pre-Teen Costume

How To Assemble Your Homemade Devil Costume

When you have all the materials you need for your homemade devil costume you can begin to assemble it. Putting your costume together is fun and it can be more fun when you do it with make a little party out of this costume making session.

First you take the red felt and cut out devil shaped horns however big or small you like.

Then you take the horns and either glue or sew them onto the headband.

For the tail, you cut out a long enough three inch wide piece of felt and stuff with cotton balls and glue or sew it shut.

Then cut a triangular piece of felt out and glue or sew it to the end of the tail. Use red ribbon to fasten when complete.

For the cape, just simply cut two holes in a piece of shiny fabric, and use the red ribbon to secure.

Slip on your tights and blouse or the sweat pants and sweat shirt...attach your horns and tail...grab your pitch fork and your on your little devil! Hope you enjoy!

Sometimes, when you make a devil costume it is easier to buy a set with the horns, tail, a bowtie and a plastic pitch fork rather that try to make these items. Then you only have to get your red clothing ready and just slip the horns, tail and tie if you use it, on. Grab your pitch fork and run!

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