Make A Cyclone With Cool Cyclone Connectors!

by Jillian
(Science Party Ideas)

Kid Science Projects can be both fun and simple science projects

Kid Science Projects can be both fun and simple science projects

You can make a cyclone with Cool Cyclone Connectors! If your child is having a science birthday party you can entertain your party guests with this kit that allows you to make a cyclone using two soda bottles. Teach the kids about cyclones while you amaze them with this really cool science project. Give each child a turn to make their very own cyclone by shaking this completed project.

Oriental Trading Company

This cool cyclone making kit includes the connectors you need to attach the two soda bottles (you must supply the bottles). Let each child watch as you connect these supplies and then let each child create a cyclone of their own by shaking the bottles. The kids will be totally amazed with this cool science project.

Check this and more science craft and activity ideas out for your next kids birthday party. They make fun party activities and wonderful party favor ideas.

Learning can be fun and kid science projects can be interesting and simple science projects. Use one at your next kids party. Check the Oriental Trading Company to see what they have.

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