Make A Count Dracula Halloween Card

by Barb
(Green Brook, New Jersey, USA)

Count Dracula on a homemade greeting card

Count Dracula on a homemade greeting card

You can make a Count Dracula Halloween card. Yes, you can. I did, just take a look how cute this homemade card came out. I think it looks great. It is an easy design to copy too. Just pick out some fun paper designs, a ribbon or two with a Halloween look and some embellishments, like Count Dracula himself.

I also show a picture of a younger, much cuter Count Dracula just to show you the different ideas you can find out there in card making and scrapbook designing land. I use lots of the embellishments that were meant for scrapbooks when I make my cards. You can also use pictures you cut out of books, magazines and catalogs so you don't have to spend a lot of money.

Get foam tabs and stick them on the back of your pictures. Then glue them onto the card. It gives the picture and the card a 3-D effect that always looks great. Find cheap accessories, papers, stickers, scrapbook embellishments at the Oriental Trading Company. You can start making your own greeting cards right away. It's really easy...take a look!

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