Make A Costume - Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Make A Costume With Our Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas.

Lil' Big Player Toddler Costume - 3T/4T

Lil' Big Player Toddler Costume

This is a football outfit from Costume Express...but you don't have to buy one...just borrow one from a friend. If you don't know anyone who owns a football outfit you can check out our other ideas...or if your heart is set on the football jersey and pants...go ahead and buy it!

Make A Costume Ideas

Looking for make a costume ideas is fun...and making homemade costumes can be very easy. Just use the stuff you already have at home and buy an accessory or two if you need it. There are plenty of funny, silly and serious ideas you can think of when it comes to homemade costumes and here are a few of them!

You can take everyday outfits and wear them on Halloween. Take the doctor or nurse...they are pretty easy to put together. How about a's a slicker, a pair of pants and some tape...add a helmet. Then there is the zombie...get some old clothes and tatter them. Add gross makeup and you've got one of the walking dead. There is always something really simple but effective like a football player or cheerleader...borrow a real uniform from a friend, or a business man...wear a suit with a tie and carry a briefcase. There is the old lady in her pajamas...ladies pj's and some rollers for your hair. All simple, easy and fun ideas! Here are some more.

Box Costumes

Homemade Gypsy Costume

Cow Costumes

Homemade Dog Costume

All of these homemade costumes are easy to assemble using supplies you most likely have around the house. You can also add some simple store bought items like a doggie tail or ears, a gypsy bracelet...little things like that. This way your costume won't be expensive and in fact, it just might be cheap...or almost free!

So pick your favorite idea for a costume you can make yourself and have fun making it!

Need more ideas? Just type homemade or make a costume into the search box below and you will find lots more ideas.

By the way...all of these ideas are perfect for kids and adults so why not make the entire family's costumes this year. What a wonderful family project this can be!

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