Make A Batman Costume - Homemade Costume Ideas

How To Make A Batman Costume. Get Some Easy Homemade Costume Ideas For Halloween!

This costume picture is from It's not as easy to make as some of the other fun homemade costumes you will find on this site.

Batman Toddler Costume

Batman Toddler Costume

Here are very simple instructions on how to make a batman costume for your child or for yourself to dress up as the Masked Crusader this Halloween!

Here is what you will need:
  • one black pillowcase
  • one gray sweat suit or gray t-shirt and shorts
  • black shorts
  • Batman emblem
  • black socks
  • two strips of velcro
  • one needle
  • one spool of black thread
  • one sheet of felt cloth (optional)

The Batman costume is the sweat suit...wear the black shorts over the sweat pants. Wear the socks over the's how to make a cape.

1. Take the black pillowcase and cut apart at the seams. Near the bottom of one side, make a zig zag pattern for the cape. 2. Then, carefully measure the velcro to the shoulders and sew it on. Opposite the zig zag pattern you just cut out, apply the correlating strip of velcro to the cape. Do this for both sides of the shoulder and cape.

You can also use the other side of the pillow case to cut out a fitted mask for your little Batman. If the cloth is too flimsy, try using a sheet of felt cloth to cut out the mask. You can even let your little one decorate it as he pleases.

Cut out a Batman Emblem and pin or glue it to the sweatshirt.

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