Magic Themed Party

A Magic Themed Party is a wonderful kids birthday party theme. If you want to thrill and amaze your son or daughter, and all your party guests, you should consider these magic party ideas. You can find some wonderful magic theme party supplies to make your party mystical and special.

Magic Party Decorations

A magic themed party is easy to create with low cost decorating ideas. Plastic top hats can be placed at each child's seat and filled with fun items like magic wands, puzzles, candy and magic tricks that can be purchased in bulk to create a very special kind of goodie bag as well as an eye-catching piece of table décor.

Use a purple and gold color scheme on table cloths, balloons and napkins. Gold foil stars and moons will give the room a magical and playful atmosphere. When possible, consider using black light posters and glow-in-the-dark decals. This is particularly effective for parties with older children. Young kids may be afraid of a dark room so we use your discretion.

With a bit of clear nylon thread try levitating props from ceilings. If you position threads and lighting just right you can make it look like objects are magically floating. Make sure these items are well out of reach as the children will be tempted to touch them.

Magic Posters

Hang a number of low cost replica posters from old-time vaudeville magicians on the walls. There are many beautiful posters available that contain classic scenes such as sawing a lady in two and pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Music For A Magic Themed Party

To set the mood, choose music that has a magical feel to it. The soundtrack from Disney's “Fantasia” and the Harry Potter movies will add magical ambience.

Costumes. For a really fun theme party ask your guests to come in their most magical costumes - or have a box of dress up props and makeup available at the party. Top hats, stick on mustaches and goatees, top hats, fairy hats, sparkles and capes will get the kids in the mood for magic.

Magic Party Invitations

Don't underestimate the power up an invitation to put guests in the right state of mind for your theme party. By setting up their expectations and getting the kids excited about going to a magic party, your party will be extra fun. If the children are receptive and excited about the party before they get there, everything will be much more fun.

Magical Party Activities

Magical party activities are simple and fun. Have the children build their own magic wands and magic hats. It's easy to do with some construction paper and poster board. By rolling up construction paper into tube shapes and adding stickers and sparkles, kids can make their very own magic wands. Have them roll up poster board into cones and add stars and moons to create a stylish wizard’s hat.

Magic Show

Is your birthday child a budding Houdini? If so, your child may want to put on a magic show for the guests. Make sure to help your child practice and rehearse the tricks and try to keep the show planned for only a few minutes.

For an extra special birthday party treat consider hiring a professional magician to entertain the children. You can find a good children's magician by asking other parents for recommendations or by searching the Internet. Be sure to ask for references and when possible a sample video.

As a general rule the magic show should be no more than one hour. Some magicians will bring other skills as well such as juggling, ventriloquism, puppetry or balloon sculpting. A live bunny rabbit at the show is always a big hit.

Keep your party short for small children. Children under the age of five will have the most fun if the party is about two hours. Older children will be excited to learn how to do magic tricks so ask your magician to teach them one.

Birthdays are magical days for sure and with these party ideas your child's party will be full of wonder and surprise.

To find a magician in your area who specializes in childrens' magic parties check out our new magician directory page, Magician Websites for kids party magic shows.

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