Magic Theme Party Supplies For Hocus Pocus Magical Fun

Magic theme party supplies conjure up all kinds of mystical and magical fun ideas, don't they? Pull a rabbit out of a hat, wave a magic wand, watch things disappear while repeating magic words like hocus pocus or abracadabra...Get all the party supplies you need to work a little magic in your home. Turn that party room into a magical fun party land for kids.

Get some fun Kids Magic Craft Ideas to entertain and enchant your young party guests. Find magic scratch off crafts, magical tricks and lots of hocus pocus fun with these easy craft ideas filled with magic for kids.

Are you thinking about Wizarding and Witches magic like in the Harry Potter books and movies? If so, there is a fun set of magic theme party supplies for you with Harry, Hermoine and Ron on them...check out the magic of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

They didn't have top hats at Hogwarts, but these are a pretty cool party accessory when magic is the theme.

Here are some magic party supplies that go along with that felt top hat...look on these plates and cups, it's a rabbit getting pulled out of a magic hat. Now that's fun for a kids magic themed party!

More magical themed party supplies~look at the party favor box, it's empty, but you can fill it with magic stickers, temporary tattoos and even a few magic tricks! Or you can buy a favor box filled with some magic stuff of it's own. Just click on any picture to see more supplies and information. Look at thost wall decorations, makes you feel like your at a magic show, doesn't it?

Here's that filled magic party favor box. What's in it? Will I be giving up any magical secrets if I tell you? It's packed with lots of fun items like:

  • a magic sticker sheet
  • a magic blowout
  • laser spinner
  • glow-in-the-dark stick
  • star
  • flashing round light
  • a magic trick
The personalized birthday banner is a popular party decoration that kids and adults like.

Is any magic themed party complete without a magic wand? I don't think here's a wand you can get for each of your party guests.

Find more magic themed party ideas for your next unique themed kids birthday party. There's nothing like a little magic to thrill and amaze your child and his or her friends. Be sure to check out our Kids Magic Craft Ideas. If you plan on having magic as your next party theme, consider the fun you will have if you hire a professional kids party magician to come and perform feats of wonder and magical tricks for your party crowd. Take a look at our Magician Websites page for some more information. Meanwhile, order your magic party supplies online today and watch them appear at your front door like magic!
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