Get Magic Craft Ideas for a kids magic themed party. We all know there are no real magic spells for kids other than their wonderful imagination and innocense. Kids themselves are quite magical.

If you are planning a magic themed party than why not amaze your party guests with some magical craft ideas. Make a magic wand, or make a rabbit out of a handkerchief with the Handkerchief Bunny Kit, set of 4. Make some Fish Magic Paper Sheets, make illusions with 12 Castle Sand Art Bottles, or

there is always the 12 Magic Coin Tricks

Here's a fun filled magic party accessory kit. It's the Magic Set

If you want to go all out Mom, there is the Legends Of Magic Kit where seeing is believing. Harry Houdini himself would be thrilled with this magic kit, filled with illusions, tricks and magic props such as:
  • Production Tubes
  • Phantom Deck
  • Chinese Sticks
  • Puzzle Box
  • Metal Linking Rings
  • Drawer Box
You also get the how to make magic guide, "Official Illustrated Instruction Manual", to teach you all you need to know about this magic kit.

A smaller magic kit is also available with the Deluxe Magic Trick Assortment. This magic set has seven different amazing magic tricks and are perfect for a kids magic themed party. These magic gag gifts can also be used as a mysterious party favor or silly gag gifts for a birthday party with a magic theme! Seven different amazing tricks and several packages of each trick per box, for a total of 72 tricks per package. More than enough for all your magic party guests!

The kids will enjoy making the Magic Glitter Wand Craft Kit with it's stars and wand sticks. Let each child decorate their own magic wand.

The Twist Balloon Kit With Mini Air Pump And Balloon Magic Book is always a fun craft at a kids magic party. Learn how to make fun shapes with balloons.

It seems like magic!

Or choose arts and crafts with a magic tone. The Super Mega Magic Color Scratch Kit comes with these craft supplies:
  • 12 sheets of paper
  • 24 bookmarks with ribbons
  • 12 photo frames with magnets
  • 12 stickers
  • 12 doorhangers
  • 60 wooden scratching tools

Magic Party Favor Ideas

Any of these fun magic craft ideas are perfect for a party favor, but so are these Top Hat-Shaped Filled Treat Bags per Piece(s).

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