Magazine Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Lists

by Jillian

Plan a Magazine Scavenger Hunt: This hunt idea is ideal for an inside scavenger hunt. All you have to do is make a list of items you want the kids to find.

Then give each team a stack of magazines to find the items in. Your list can include: a man with a beard, a girl wearing eye glasses, a pair of gloves, a flower...a rose, a car emblem, a tube of lipstick, some sun tan lotion. The list of Scavenger Hunt items can be as long or as short as you like.

Make sure each team has a list of clues, some scissors and a stack of magazines to "hunt" through. If your kids party has a theme, make up a list of clues related to that theme...Monster Jam party...only truck clues...a Handy Manny party...only fix it tools and ideas...a Twilight or New Moon party...only vampire and werewolf clues.

Set a time limit and start your hunt. This is just one of many fun scavenger hunt ideas. Just make sure your hunt is not to difficult and make sure it is always safe for your party guests!

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