Madagascar Party

The Madagascar Movie gives you some great Madagascar Party Ideas! The adventures in Escape 2 Africa are full of fun and excitement. You get to see Alex reunited with his parents and share in their happiness!

Madagascar Party Invitations

It's easy to make your own Madagascar party invitations! Just get some colored paper and trace an animal shape on it. Use a lion like Alex, a hippo like Gloria, a zebra like Marty or a giraffe shape like Melman. You can use Madagascar clip art or stickers to help finish decorating the invitations. Fill out your party details, the time, the date and the place. Put in an RSVP for yourself, it will help you plan the amount of food and party supplies you will need.

Plan an Easy Party Menu

Make some easy to prepare kids party foods. Kids love chicken nuggets, pizza and burgers, so plan an easy party menu. The best part of any party is the birthday cake. Cake toppers are available to help you decorate your homemade birthday cake. They are inexpensive and work well. You and your kids can bake and frost a cake, then add the Madagascar cake topper to it...and you've got your birthday cake!

Madagascar Party Supplies

You can buy Madagascar decorated party supplies online or at your local party store. You will find plates, cups and all kinds of fun party favors for your Madagascar party guests. You can also choose from a large variety of plain, colored party supplies. This is a very colorful theme, so be sure to get some bright colors or pattern for your decorating.

Games are important at a kids birthday party, so be sure to plan several. Kids just love playing a fun game and Madagascar gives you plenty of ideas. Let the kids go on an "Animal Safari". You can supply some pith helmets for them to wear as they search the plains for the escaped zoo animals. Put some plastic animals in zip lock bags or plastic eggs and hide them in your yard, like an easter egg hunt. You will find the pith helmets at .

Here's a picture of that cake topper I was talking about. Look how great it can't go wrong with a cake topper for decorating your birthday cake! There is also a picture of a pull string pinata!

Other fun party activities can include play with stickers, apply temporary tattoos and playing the pinata game with the Madagascar Escape 2 Africa pull string pinata! When you get a pull string pinata all you have to do is fill it with goodies and then hang it up. You let each child choose a string and then have them pull it. It may or may not break open the pinata, one of the strings is the "secret" to getting the goodies to fall out, but no one knows which string it is! Pull string pinatas are safer than the kind you hit with a stick, but they are just as much fun!

Print some free coloring sheets with the cast of the Madagascar Movie on them. They are easy to find, here are a few that I found myself. Here's where you can find them!

Share Your Madagascar Party Ideas With Other Moms!

Now that you have a few ideas for your kids birthday party it's time to get started with the actual party planning. Don't worry, once you start looking around you will find plenty more ideas of your own.

If you would like to share them with other people who are planning a kids Madagascar birthday party just fill out the form below. Help everyone have the best possible birthday party for their kids with your ideas and you will have your very own web page!

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