Mad Hatter Costumes For Halloween

Look at these Mad Hatter costumes for Halloween fun this year. Alice in Wonderland gives us some wonderful ideas for Halloween costumes for kids, teens and adults. The Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, Alice, the Cheshire Cat are fun ideas for a couples or a group costume, so get on the phone to your friends and see who wants to dress up with you. Take a look at the costumes you have to choose from for this Johnny Depp costume idea. Girls can have as much fun with the Mad Hatter character as the guys can.

Here is the deluxe women's version of this fun and unique Lewis Carroll character. Take a look at this beautiful costume for women

Mischievous Mad Hatter Deluxe Adult Costume - Medium

Mischievous Mad Hatter Deluxe Adult Costume - Medium

Here is a pre-teen version of the same character from Alice in Wonderland...the Tim Burton version. Fun, colorful and pretty, just like the adult women's version...but made for that tween and teenager to dress up in.

Mad Hatter Pre-Teen Costume (14-16)

Mad Hatter Pre-Teen Costume

Men's Mad Hatter Costume

You've seen the teen costume and now here is the men's version of this fun costume from the Alice in Wonderland collection.

Mad Hatter Adult Costume - Large

Mad Hatter Adult Costume

Electric Mad Hatter Costume Ideas

It's a brighter version, it's electric! The Electric Mad Hatter outfit for someone who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Electric Mad Hatter With Pants Adult Costume - Medium

Electric Mad Hatter With Pants Adult Costume

Don't murder time like the Mad Hatter did. The Queen of Hearts sentenced him to death for murdering time, but he escaped. You are running out of time too. Halloween is almost here so get your costume now.

The Dark Version of the Mad Hatter

Here's the Darker version of this Alice in Wonderland costume idea. Find an Alice or a Queen of Hearts to hang out with this Halloween...or perhaps the March Rabbit or Cheshire Cat is more your cup of tea?

Dark Mad Hatter Adult Costume - Large

Dark Mad Hatter Adult Costume

Don't you love how many versions of the Mad Hatter Costume there are? This is the Evil Mad Hatter for a little dark fun on Halloween this year.

Evil Mad Hatter Adult Costume - Medium/Large

Evil Mad Hatter Adult Costume

Here's The Sassy Mad Hatter For Ladies

The Ladies Sassy Mad Hatter Costume for a fun and unique Halloween costume. The Alice in Wonderland characters make a really fun theme for you and your friends to dress up as.

Sassy Mad Hatter Adult Costume

Sassy Mad Hatter Adult Costume - Medium (8-10)

How about a few Alice in Wonderland Trivia questions?

1. Who wrote Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll

2. Who attends the unbirthday party?

The Dormouse, The March Hare and The Mad Hatter

3. Who says, "Off With Their Heads."

The Queen of Hearts

4. Who starred in the last film version of Alice as the Hatter?

Johnny Depp

5. Who produced the movie?

Tim Burton

How's that for some fun but simple trivia all about Alice and her strange cast of characters.

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