Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Little Mermaid party ideas for your little princess. Does your daughter like to watch the Little Mermaid movie time and time again?

Little Mermaid Party Birthday Box

This basic party package for 8 guests includes Little Mermaid plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, cutlery, streamers, and candles.

Little Mermaid Cake Plate

Each of these packages includes eight 7"-round Little Mermaid cake plates that are perfect for holding appetizers and desserts alike.

Little Mermaid Sticker

Package of 4 sheets of pattern matching Little Mermaid stickers.

If so, than you have got to bring the under the sea kingdom of the Little Mermaid to her next birthday party. It is easier than it sounds! Down under the sea is the home of the Little Mermaid, Princess Ariel. She, along with her friends, Sebastian and Flounder, live in the ocean. You can find mermaid party invitations, favors and supplies...even thrill your little girl. Imagine how surprised and happy she will be!

First decide who you want to invite to your Little Mermaid party and then set your party budget. Next it's time to think about where you are going to have your party. Are you going to have your party at an aquarium or in your home? Home is less expensive and usually more fun.

Make Your Own Little Mermaid Invitations

When you use Little Mermaid party ideas it's easy to make your own party invitations. Make your own Little Mermaid party invitations with some construction paper, glue, glitter and some stickers. You can also use mermaid clip art you find online. Just cut each piece of construction paper in half and then fold it...looks just like a card, doesn't it! Decorate it and fill in your party information. Who, what, where and when...include an RSVP phone number too, it will help you get a count of how many children will be coming.

Little Mermaid Favor Set

One set of Little Mermaid favors, favor bag, crinkle paper and twist tie.

Little Mermaid Invitations

Package of 8 fill-in-the-blank Little Mermaid invitations

Little Mermaid Napkins

Each of these packages includes 16 of our Little Mermaid napkins to perfectly complement your other Little Mermaid party supplies.

You can also send a "message in a bottle" using an bottle invitation kit you can buy. Or you can get party invitations with Ariel printed on them.

Prepare your camera before the party. You can take a picture of each guest with the birthday girl. Enclose a picture in your thank you notes. Each girl and mom will appreciate it.

Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Party supplies for a Little Mermaid party are easy to find. Click here to find out just how easy!

There are plenty of decorating ideas for an under the sea party with Princess Ariel. There are Little Mermaid:

  • Balloons
  • Tablecloths
  • Centerpieces
  • Party Packs
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
You can get a personalized banner with all the Little Mermaid characters on it. There are even scene setting wall coverings to make your party room look like it's under the sea. Take a look at our Ocean Look wall covering and our Sea Life wall covering.

Little Mermaid Table Cover

Pattern-matching Little Mermaid paper table cover.

Little Mermaid Tiara

Package of 4 pattern matching silver Little Mermaid tiara headband with floral motif.

Little Mermaid Thank You Notes

Package of 8 Little Mermaid thank you notes

Little Mermaid Party Favors

Wait until you see these cute party favors, and there are so many of them. You can find a couple Little Mermaid favor boxes filled with goodies. The first one has:

  • A Bracelet
  • Stickers
  • Bubbles
  • Body Glitter
  • A Lip Gloss Ring
The second favor box has:
  • Stickers
  • Bracelet
  • A Punch Balloon
  • Glitter
  • Bubbles
Or you can find lots of Little Mermaid favor ideas separatly. Some ideas are:
  • Sticker Books
  • Ariel Punch Balloon
  • A Princess Tiara
  • Disney Princess Color Your Own Pillowcases
  • Shark Zone Favor Box
  • Silly Straws

Little Mermaid Party Activities

There are some great party activities for this party theme. You can print out some Little Mermaid coloring sheets and let your guests color. There are some really cute sand fish art kits that are fun. Get a foam tiara everyone can make their very own tiara.

You can always get an Ariel pinata with pull strings, so it's safe. Kids love the pinata game! You will need to fill the pinata up with goodies and let each child pick a string to pull. One of the strings will break open the pinata...stand back when the goodies fall out, Mom!

Play the Little Mermaid movie or soundtrack while your guests are making crafts and playing games. It's a great soundtrack...and I know you are familiar with the movie.

Games & Crafts Page

The Little Mermaid Song Lyrics

Why not print out the Little Mermaid song lyrics and lead a sing a long with your little guests. Little kids all enjoy the music and songs from The Little Mermaid. Singing will be so much fun for them!

Little Mermaid Party Games

Games are a big part of a kids party, so be sure to plan one or two more than you think you will need. The Little Mermaid Pearl Hunt is a fun treasure hunting game. You will need a bag of plastic eggs, you know, the kind you can stash goodies in. Put a candy necklace or glow ring inside each one, one color for each guest. Now hide the eggs. Give each guest a special color they have to search for and send them off to hunt those under the sea treasures. Each party guest must find her special color egg to claim her prize. How about a Little Mermaid sing a long? Print out the lyrics to one of her songs and have a songfest. Or you can play freeze dance to the movie soundtrack. Ariel a take off on Simon Says. And you can always get a picture of Ariel and play pin the bow on Ariel.

You can find more Little Mermaid party tips on our Party Planning Page

Little Mermaid Cakes

Bake your own cake, or cupcakes, and frost it as usual. Decorate the top of your cake...or cupcakes, with some Little Mermaid candles or an edible cake topper with a picture of Ariel and all her friends. You've got a beautiful cake and you made it yourself. It's simple to find easy cupcake and cake decorating ideas when you know where to look.

Tips & Tricks

Well, your party time must be just about up. You and your guests have played games, made crafts and the birthday cake is gone. Now you and your daughter can fill in her scrapbook with some new pages with details of her Little Mermaid party.

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